Bannergate: Fed Up Fan Or Media Stitch Up?

So by now you’ve seen the image of the banners hung outside Cobham this morning, allegedly placed by a disgruntled Chelsea supporter.

Yet I’m sat here thinking there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Why was the banner a day late? If the supporter in question was fed up with the Wolves result, why didn’t they place it the morning after the match?

Ok they could have been late back from The Midlands, but still…. wasn’t it placed during the early hours anyway?

Equally, it’s a little convenient that there was a press conference due only hours afterwards, where the country’s media descended onto our training ground for the build up to our FA Cup match.

The predictable ‘supporter protest’ questions came early and Carlo handled them in good grace; “If it’s only one, there’s no problem. In Italy, it’s different. You can find outside the training ground 1,000 people not happy. It’s difficult to fight with 1,000. With one, you can manage.”

Echoing sanity, Carlo reasoned; “For a manager, it is important at this moment to have the support of the club, of the players, and obviously of the fans – minus one.”

What’s also fishy, is that almost all of the mainstream, and not so mainstream media have almost identical stories on what we’ve called ‘Bannergate’. Check out NewsNow, seriously, it’s almost as if they’ve all been written together.  As ever, the football is secondary to the headline.

You won’t find any Murdoch titles there, because he threatened to sue NewsNow and such sites for aggregating ‘his’ news, then cut them all off anyway and hid his content behind a paywall. Suits me, you’ve got to be a special kind of idiot to read that trash AND pay for the privilege.

However having played the media game a while, I’m all too aware of how it works. The journalists at the conference do exchange notes, and agree to a common theme for the next days news.  There are notable exceptions, but most are like pack animals, and they move together almost in unison, in all that they do.

It was especially apparent when Jose was manager, as his words could be snipped and quoted to fulfil any journalistic desire, yet Carlo is more coy and until recently, they’ve not really been able to get at him.

It’s widely known that the headline hunting tabloids will stoop to any depth in order to print something sensational. Phone tapping, entrapment, theft, coercion… in order to grab a few headlines, would you put a staged protest past them?

I certainly wouldn’t.

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  1. There are lies, there are damn lies and there are statistics. And there, even lower down, down in the sediment of filth where even sewer detritus fears to go, squirm much of the British press in its voracious lust for vaccuus acclaim from its own fawning inbreds.
    The press of course would argue that they cater for a specific demanding taste: in this case the uneducated readership who readily slaver over such cheap fodder. People will accept shit if it has a ribbon on it. That’s their argument anyway.
    Me, I’m not so sure. We (as media consumers) appear to have tolerated the lowest dross of the British press for such a long time that their view may be a valid one.
    But is Joe Public really that thick?
    In my opinion it is equally valid to assume that Joe Public is aware of the cheap tricks, infantile reportage and knee-jerk opinionating of the massmeeja: after all, after thirty odd years of it, Joe simply chooses to take it with a block of salt and sifts through it for real facts about their chosen club. After all, poor old Joe doesn’t have much of a choice does he?
    As far as this situation is concerned, poor old Joe does have a choice. He can either believe it is a misguided bit of work from some errant Chelsea fan, or a nicely taken photograph of some cheap hacks attempt at column inches.
    I’m with you on this one Spy. I’m pretty convinced our press have (yet again) devalued themselves and shown themselves to be much less than they aspire to be.

  2. Since this went live, it turns out ‘The Sun’ got this ‘supporter’ on camera. – They don’t who he is though, there’s no name and no quotes attributed to him. For all we know he could be a cameraman, or a random cabbie.

    Does anyone know who this man is?

  3. Forgot to add – even if it is a true blue who’s done this, we have to respect their feelings if not their decision. We all feel more or less the same, but lets air our views amongst ourselves and keep a rock solid support for our club.

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