Chelsea & The CPO – Survey Results

A few days ago we ran a survey and asked as many Chelsea supporters as possible to give us their opinions on the proposed buy out of the Chelsea Pitch Owners, and also any possible stadium move.

We were amazed at the response to the survey with over 1000 people filling it in, although some were only partially completed we have included those questions answered in the results, this is why there is a varying number of answers to each question.

What is immediately clear from the results is that supporters in general aren’t against the move, with over 50% fine with the move so long as it’s well designed and in a suitable location, many also want the club to communicate their plans to us or at least be honest about its intentions with us, which many feel is currently not happening.

The club constantly trots out the reasons it can’t stay at Stamford Bridge, such as health and safety issues about exit routes, the railway line and underground lines causing problems and all the other often discussed problems with Stamford Bridge. Most respondents would like to see the club publish evidence of these facts in order to believe them, we simply don’t trust their word on the matter.

Many supporters feel we should both have a say in the new stadium and also the running of the club as a whole, and despite the recent subterfuge with the CPO, belief in Roman Abramovich is still strong.  The same cannot be said of CEO Ron Gourlay though, with less than 1/5th of respondents claiming to trust him.

We appreciate this survey is only a cross section of supporters and in no way represents the feelings of every supporter or group.  If you are a supporter group or organisation, or a CPO member, then we will be happy to share the raw data with you (minus names and email addresses) for your own analysis.  Please get in touch if you feel this would be of use to you.

The Burning Question: Chelsea & The CPO: Results;

Question 1. What are your initial thoughts on Romans bid to buy the CPO?

Question 2. Do you believe the club has exhausted all options in terms of increasing capacity at Stamford Bridge?

Question 3. Would you like to see the evidence of this presented by the club to prove their case?

Question 4. Do you believe the club has identified a site, despite denying it?

Question 5. Do you feel the club intends to move further than the three mile radius from Stamford Bridge?

Question 6. How do you feel about Roman having complete ownership, and a unilateral say in the running of the club?

Question 7. Does it worry you what happens in say 50 years time, should Roman not be around any longer, who will own the club?

Question 8. Do you think it is important that supporters have a say in the running of the club?

Question 9. If the club were to move stadium, do you think it is important supporters get to have a say in the location of the new stadium?

Question 10. If the club were to move stadium, do you think it is important supporters get to have a say in the design of the new stadium?

Question 11. Do you understand what the CPO is?

Question 12. If you are aware of the CPO, do you feel that CPO board of directors have failed to discharge their duties to the CPO?

Question 13. Do you feel there needs to be more time for supporters to make such an important decision?

Question 14. Do you trust Roman Abramovich?

Question 15. Do you trust our chairman; Bruce Buck?

Question 16. Do you trust CEO; Ron Gourlay?

Question 17. Do you believe Roman and the board of directors have the clubs best interests at heart?

Question 18. Do you want to move to a new stadium?

Question 19. If there was to be a new stadium, how large should it be?

Question 20. What is an acceptable distance to move Stadium?

Question 21. Which of the following would describe you?

Question 22. How many games do you go to a season?

Question 23. How old are you?

Question 24. How long have you supported Chelsea FC?

Question 25. If you all had a vote on selling the freehold of Stamford Bridge and the name of Chelsea FC to Roman Abramovich right now, how would you vote?

Our thanks go out to all those who took the time to fill in the survey, as well as those on the various Chelsea sites around the internet who were kind enough to link to it, or otherwise encourage people to complete the survey, it’s much appreciated.

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    1. We have the data and can break it down further as needed, may run a follow-up piece this week with such info collated.

      1. This would indeed just as interesting and probably be more useful. Only 18% of replies from CPO shareholders yet there are replies by 19% who are not season ticket holders or members and 21% who don’t go to any games.

  1. Look at how you asked the questions … they’re all leading and asked in a certain tone – “do you trust” .. “despite denying it”..”does it worry you”

    you could expect to take the same survey worded slightly alternatively and get significantly different results

  2. Great job guys. Suprised the club hasn’t run something similar on the offical website to gauge such feelings.
    I’m down here in Australia and don’t get to the games that often. I left the UK back in the 80’s and was a regular at the bridge until our departure. Mangaed to get back to the bridge in 09 and was pleasantly suprised to be witness the Franks 400th appearance for Chelsea. I keep track of what’s happening via sites such as yours, the brisbane Cehlsea Supporters Club and watch games via the pay tv channnels here that show live games here at all hours of the night as they happen…. 1 and 2am mostly.
    We have a big following over here with 5 supporter clubs spread around places in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. I have supported Chelsea since 1970 and am Damn Proud of it too. Carefree from down under.

  3. Useful feedback but mad that of all the people who voted, 22% only go to between 1 and 5 games and 21% go to none. This must distort the results quite heavily … Shame Chelsea FC didn’t organise a poll themselves just for season ticket holders and members before making their decision to rush this AGM.

  4. great survey, especially how many games the CPO go to with 43% of the share holders going to less than 5 games a year….. within that 1/5th of the shareholders go to ZERO games. lol

      1. Pepper … sorry to make this personal … but you’re an idiot. Nowhere in the survey do those figures relate purely to CPO members.

  5. and the cpo shareholders most are between 16-35 yet when asked how long they have supported the club the most popualr is 30yrs + ?

  6. FYI (courtesy of my brother):

    “I’m informed that shares are still on sale, and according to the chap on the phone the voting forms will be sent out with the share certificate. Their email seems, understandably, jammed, but their phone number is +44 (0)1932 847952 and they can take card transactions over the telephone, and ship worldwide.”

  7. From “Evening Standard” last week:-

    “Abramovich convinced me to think of him like a son, says Berezovsky”

    Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich is a genius at making people believe he is sincere, rival billionaire Boris Berezovsky told the High Court today.

    Although Mr Abramovich is “not smart strategically”, said Mr Berzovsky, he “convinced me to think he is like my son”.

    Mr Berezovsky dismissed as “ridiculous” Mr Abramovich’s claim to have paid him $5 million “in dollar bills” at a meeting in March 1995.

    “Abramovich was a poor guy (then) he didn’t have any money. To ask him to pay me $5 million is only in his dreams,” Mr Berezovsky said.

    The Russian oligarch, 65, was giving evidence for a second day in his £3.5billion battle over shares in the Sibneft oil and gas conglomerate that he claims the pair jointly owned in the Nineties.

    Mr Berezovsky claims Mr Abramovich, 44, forced him to sell shares cheaply by saying Vladimir Putin would seize his assets if he did not comply. He is claiming £3.5 billion for alleged breach of trust and breach of contract accusing his rival of “blackmail”.

    Mr Abramovich claims his rival did not have any shares in Sibneft and that he paid Mr Berezovsky £800 million for his political influence with the Kremlin.

    Mr Berezovsky said of the Chelsea owner: “He is genius at least on one point. If he wants to convince someone personally, he may serve them so well you really believe he is sincere. He convinced me to think he is like my son. I never changed my trust in Abramovich until he betrayed me.”

    Mr Berezovsky said the Sibneft deal was so complicated he agreed to seal it with a handshake rather than a written contract.

    The case continues.

  8. As far as i’m concerned,all i want is this Club to be safe.
    The main stumbling block,comes with Buck,Gourley. I simply don’t trust them.
    I bought my share in 1994,because in my own small way i thought that i could defeat the Property developers,and the whole idea of CPO was a piece of Genius by Ken Bates.

    I, at this time would have to vote no. However,if the club said that the new stadium was going to be located at ? ? ? I would consider selling. Call me Paranoid but i just think they are trying to screw this club over.

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