Another Year, Another Chelsea Site

So, if you’re reading this you’re probably a Chelsea fan. Chances are, like many of us, you scour the internet for scraps and news about the football club you love to follow.

We know you do, we do it too, but there’s a problem with so many Chelsea sites these days that, borne out of frustration, led a few Chelsea supporters who’ve been heavily involved in the running of Chelsea fan sites over the years to start something different.

This site, and its associated sites, are different: they’re about Chelsea. They’re not about the people writing for the sites trying to make themselves more important than the news they’re writing. They’re not about aggregation sites, the names of which will never be mentioned here because they don’t deserve the traffic, particularly when they don’t care about Chelsea, they care only about ad revenues.

They’re not about letting people get carried away with their own importance and shouting so many times they begin to believe their own lies. They’re not about being warm and cuddly with the club either, for when we have something to say we’ll tell it how it is, and that’s a promise. No agendas like certain newspapers have at the moment either, just good honest and completely partisan reporting with a gentle hint of blue and facts on all things Chelsea.

The opinions on this site will always be straight to the point, they’ll often provoke and occasionally they’ll outright offend. But of this you can be sure, these aren’t the opinions of people who are never likely to see the mighty Chels in the flesh, sniping and sneering on a forum and playing to a crowd of those stupid enough to listen. They are the opinions of people who care about Chelsea Football Club, past, present and future, and not just the next match on the pitch.

As TheChels network grows, you our readers will have more and more opportunity to contribute your support to Chelsea Football Club, and to criticise when it’s due. You’ll be able to help us achieve our not inconsiderable ambition: to make TheChels the definitive online and non-official Chelsea Football Club resource.

We hope you enjoy what’s coming in the future as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together. There’s plenty more to come.


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