Force Or Finesse? We’ve Both, Arsene!

The only thing I love more than beating Arsenal, is listening to the musings of their slightly senile manager. Unless he didn’t see it, that is.

A lot has been made of our physical strength, and whilst we are the tallest and heaviest team in the league, with Arsenal being the shortest and lightest, it’s disingenuous of Wenger to suggest that’s all we have in our Arsenal.

When asked about the difference in the teams sizes, he replied; “What for you is physical strength? How can you explain how Spain won the World Cup and Barcelona beat Chelsea in the Champions League? Football is not only down to physique. It’s down to intelligence, technique, mobility. There is not one way. That’s what makes it interesting.”

Indeed Arsene, would that be the Barcelona we’ve beaten on numerous occasions with out ‘strength’ or was it lightning counter attacks, tactical intelligence and mobility? How about all the times we’ve beaten your team? How about the five goals we put past you in the league last season, without reply?

Continuing on the same lines he added; “Did Didier Drogba score last week? No he didn’t, he played against Kolo Touré. When Touré played here you said he could not handle him. Suddenly when he moves to Manchester City he’s stronger.” Maybe because he’s now at a team that knows it’s ok to tackle, and be tackled?

Predictably the subject turned to money; “The biggest pride of a club is to achieve the maximum with the resources available, that is what we try to achieve and the situation is not really comparable to what Chelsea has done. The resources are different. The fact that I manage a club in a sensible way looks crazy. I understand why Chelsea manage in their own way, because they can support the deficit. We can’t.”

You say; ‘achieve the maximum with the resources available’ – which is exactly what we do, we have more resources available that you, and manage it that way. Continually harping on about the fact makes you look sad and bitter. You keep your profit, and pretty football. We’ll take the trophies every time, and guess what? Our football isn’t too shabby now, either.

Team news is much the same as the midweek match however Arsenal nemesis Didier Drogba returns to action after suspension and should lead the line. Drogba spoke of his record against Arsenal; “I can say that I am a bit lucky because I scored a few goals against them,’ he acknowledged. ‘Every game is different. I remember some games when we played well against Arsenal, but this one will be a different one, I don’t know how”

The Ivorian has admitted he’s still not 100%; It is a strange start to the season for me, I scored goals and made some assists but I am not really 100 per cent yet, with the surgery I had in pre-season it is a bit difficult for me to catch up. I am doing my best and I hope that maybe in one or two weeks I will be better.”

Let’s hope today is another good day for his rehabilitation, a couple of goals always helps.

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