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Following on the his popular Chelsea spreadsheet from last season, Carefree Chris has again updated the spreadsheet for this new season, adding in functionality and a few sophisticated, customisable graphs so you can keep track of Chelsea’s 2010-11 season.

Just fill in the data as the season progresses, and you can find out a whole array of various statistics in both tabular and graphical form.

Examples of the statistics calculated, on both the players and team as a whole, include player appearances, goals and assists, time spent on the pitch, number of games won, drawn and lost, player and team form and more.

So, whats new from last year’s spreadsheet? Firstly, there have been a few tweaks made to make it easier to use. This version also has macros that execute far more quickly and effectively.

Charts are now customisable, allowing the user to instantly select data by players, competitions and venues. Finally, to consider the new Premier League rules introduced by the FA, there is a feature to show what the squad status is, how many players are U21 or home-grown and how many squad places are free for foreign players.

Click here to download a copy. Unfortunately, due to the formatting and functionality involved, only an Excel 2007 version is available. Some information such as player transfers, renewed contracts and the first match of the season versus West Brom have been populated to give you an example of how it should be filled in.

Note: the spreadsheet uses macros, which need to be enabled for full functionality to be utilised.

Our thanks go to Chris over at for the spreadsheet.

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