Leave Ashley Alone

Nasty, evil, vindictive, horrible and hated.

Funnily enough I’m not talking about Ashley Cole, but the red top rags that seems intent on driving him out of this country.

The worst offender by far is The Sun, who today today stoop to a new low, digging up old school reports on Ashley, in order to ‘show’ what a nasty man he is.

Not only is this publication a breach of the Press Complaints Commission’s Editors Code, the Sun have also broken the law in publishing it.

Obtaining personal information unlawfully is a crime, as is the subsequent publication of such information.

The PCC editors code states;

Section 3: Privacy.

i) Everyone is entitled to respect for his or her private and family life, home, health and correspondence, including digital communications.

ii) Editors will be expected to justify intrusions into any individual’s private life without consent. Account will be taken of the complainant’s own public disclosures of information.

Section 4: Harrassment.

i) Journalists must not engage in intimidation, harassment or persistent pursuit.

ii) They must not persist in questioning, telephoning, pursuing or photographing individuals once asked to desist; nor remain on their property when asked to leave and must not follow them. If requested, they must identify themselves and whom they represent.

iii) Editors must ensure these principles are observed by those working for them and take care not to use non-compliant material from other sources.

If you too are as fed up with the witch-hunt as we are, led primarily by The Sun, and you wish to register your disgust at their conduct, then please join us in registering a complaint with the PCC.

We’ve registered ours, please do so too. It only takes ten minutes, and you can do so by visiting the PCC website here.

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