Sexy Seven Up

Hands up who expected that one then? If you’re still sat there as normal, then I expect you’ll be like the majority of supporters who, before the game, saw this as a potential banana skin.

With the long throws of Rory Delap renowned for causing unease in opposition penalty areas, and our not so good record of conceding far too many from set plays this season, the outcome of this match was one that, on paper, didn’t look plausible. Chelsea though, had different ideas and set about making the implausible, fully possible.

By now you’ve either read the reports elsewhere or seen the goals yourselves, so I won’t go into any great detail today other than to give a few special mentions to those involved.

First up should be Salomon Kalou, who has been lauded and derided in equal measure by Chelsea supporters throughout his career, however this appeared to be his coming of age. Looking much stronger and bulkier than months gone by, it appears Kalou may finally be emerging as a player many hoped he could be.

Now we’re old enough and wise enough not to base anything on a single game, but it has to be said that Kalou Mk 2 has been quietly impressing this season, much to the detriment of Joe Cole.

Didier Drogba had an immense match, and one without scoring! Some of his touches and passes wouldn’t have looked out of place had they been made by Pele himself. Malouda carried on his great form, and it was nice to see Sturridge on the scoresheet too.

However the most praise for me, must be saved for Frank Lampard. Just when you think the guy can’t get any better, he pops up with a performance like that. Full of running as ever, some excellent passing and vision, another cool as a cucumber penalty and an outrageous lob with the outside of his right boot to top it all off.

It’s yet another season of 20+ goals from Super Frank, and it’s arguable that this is his best yet. Criminally he was left out of the team of the year, in favour of Darren Fletcher, no less. Clearly someone, somewhere is having a laugh.

If Frank is to play like that every time he’s got the captains armband, perhaps he should give it to him a little more often. Maybe, just maybe, Capello should too.