Terry In Quagmire

Unless you’ve lived under a rock these past seven days, you can’t have failed to notice the furore surrounding John Terry and the over-reported antics of his John Thomas.

It seems that the world and his wife has an opinion about JT’s JT and its illicit dalliances in a French valley, generating far more column inches than many will feel it deserves.

This is of course, unless you’re not interested in real news such as the legality of mass murder of millions of Iraqi citizens, or how our MP’s are creaming off our taxes to fund their own self serving lifestyles, but hey, our national press knows what’s right, right?

So dear old JT and little JT find themselves in a quagmire of entirely their own making, or do they? A quick flick through the dictionary tells us that a quamire is ‘a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position’.

Given that Vanessa Duracell has allegedly had half the Chelsea squad, and Bridge, one could argue that Terry and Thomas were indeed entrapped and mademoiselle Vanessa knew what she was doing all along.

It’s reported that Vanessa met our boys in blue whilst working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, so her rise from a £150 a role night serving drinks to that of servicing them in entirely different ways, and a reported half a million quid in hush money, means she’s not done too bad out of the whole affair.

All the while poor old John Terry has had his name dragged through the mud, his character assassinated, his relationship put in jeopardy, and his role of captain of England taken from him after just ten minutes with Fabio Capello. Clearly Capello cut straight to the chase, and we assume, ignored the foreplay.

Yes he’s been a very naughty boy, but to us die hard blues supporters, Terry is still the messiah. No amount of NewsCorp indignation or bile from the Daily ‘Hate’ Mail will ever change that.

Tomorrow against Arsenal we’ll need to give him all the support we can give. Although off the pitch his actions have left a lot to be desired, on the pitch he is still our captain, our leader, our legend.

Long may that continue.

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