So here WE are! The last but most certainly not least of the initial triumvirate of TheChels sites, designed to provide you with whatever Chelsea FC fix it is you are seeking.

You may have noticed we’re a bit of a wordy bunch over here at the, that’s simply because it’s what we do. Here we hope to provide you with match reports and previews that aren’t boring and long winded, features that’ll tickle a rib or two, spotlights on current and former players and more.

We also have a unique feature appearing here in the not too distant future that will keep you up to date with the gossip at Chelsea in ways you never thought possible…. watch this space.

We won’t go on too much now, we know it’s the day after the night before and your heads are probably a bit sore, so for something a little less brain intensive, but every bit as enjoyable, why not head over to our TV site at and check out our great collection of Chelsea videos.

Come on The Chels!