Ever Changing Objectives

Over the past few weeks we have had numerous objectives that seem to be continuously whittled down. Now we’ve got the one – finish second. But I personally feel that we have more than that. I think that steps can be taken now that could well benefit us for next season.

This season has obviously fallen below our expectations, with the success we had last season. If you had told me that I would be writing an article like this after the Wigan game at the JJB earlier this season I would have laughed in your face. But instead of moaning about players, managers, owners, referees or whatever I believe we need to get behind the team and push us on reaching the objective(s) we have left for the season.

I see it as one main objective (finishing second) along with a series of mini objectives. I personally believe that after the manager should have looked everyone in the face from the first team squad after the United game and said “Right. The rest of the season is a trial. Play for your place in the side for next season.”. And that pressure is on the manager too. I feel that he needs to pick 2 or 3 systems with shape (and I’ll come to that later) that works with the players we have and then to identify where certain players do not work or areas we need to strengthen.

There are some players that are not playing for their places, in my opinion they are Lamps, JT, Cole, Cech, Torres, Luiz, Ivanovic, Alex, Essien, Ramires. For me the rest need to show why the manager needs them in the squad. They need to show the willingness and aptitude to be able to fit into the formation/vision that Ancelotti wants. He has the experience of winning the top club honours, not the players.

If Carlo wants to play 4-3-3 (which I think he should) then he, for the rest of the season should play a side with proper shape and not to patch a team together because he cannot decide who to play where. If Drogba or Torres has to sit on the bench – so be it. They both know the sort of clubs they’re at. If they’re not happy competing then they’re not in the right industry. We should have a right winger on the right and left winger on the left. We should have width and shape. This odd sort of 4-4-2 where Ramires has to play 3 positions and leaves the right back exposed just will not do.

At the end of the season, after the final games. Carlo will know who fits into his plans, who doesn’t and what we need. Next season we want a squad that can compete on all fronts. This season we just didn’t have it.

Another objective (or hope) is for no long term injuries. With no tournaments in the summer and an injury-less squad we can really hit the ground running next season. Players like Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Fernando Torres, Didier Drogba, John Terry and Ashley Cole really could do with a long rest and a full pre season. I for one will be interested in the Fernando Torres that returns from a summer like that.

I could not write an article and not mention ‘Nando. I, like all of the other Chelsea fans, am simply thinking one thing – please not another Sheva! But I genuinely don’t think it’ll be like that. He needs time off from injury and football – and a pre season. He then needs to fit into the team. At the moment he doesn’t. He has been purchased as the future.

We need to play in a way that suits him as well as he having to play to suit the team. Other than that, the only other objective is to get him a goal!