In The News: Mikel, Modric & Safe Hands

Some good news to start of this little round-up of the stories doing the rounds is that Mikel’s father has been found.

Michael Obi was taken ten days ago and Mikel received a hefty ransom demand last week. Despite his anguish, Mikel played for Chelsea only a day after learning of the kidnapping.

Upon hearing the news, the Nigerian’s management company issued the following statement; “John Obi Mikel would like to thank everyone in Nigeria, his family and friends, Chelsea FC and their fans and his agents for their total support during this terrible time.”

Throughout the ordeal, Mikel has continued to play for Chelsea prompting Andre Villas-Boas to praise the midfielder’s mental toughness. Mikel spoke after the Stoke match, stating; “I wouldn’t want to let the club down, and if I didn’t play that game I think my mum would be very sad”.

On the transfer side of things, it looks like the Modric chase is still well and truly on. Well, to most except Harry Redknapp that is. Surprised at the news of our deal for Mata, he first thought that it would end our interest in his Croatian mid-fielder.

The Spurs boss said; “I’ve not heard of another bid. When they signed Mata I thought that might be the end of it but people tell me they are looking still to bring Luka in and really strengthen their team. ”

He added; “He is a great lad but is just a bit confused about where he is at the moment in his football career. For me the quicker the transfer window closes and we can get on with Luka being here the better it is for everybody.”

Yet team mate Niko Kranjcar has waded into the situation claiming Modric should be allowed to go, no doubt endearing him to the Spurs support, but also with an eye on opening up a space in the team for himself.

“It is Luka’s decision to make and something he has to go through with the club” said Kranjcar. “No one deserves to judge him if he decides to go because he has given three fantastic years to the club. He has played every game with his heart and if he gets an opportunity or the club decide to sell him, everyone should support his decision.”

Finally, a quick word to our back up goalkeeper; Henrique Hilário, who had a good game against West Brom and made some excellent saves, keeping us in the match at vital moments.  The goals of Anelka and Malouda won it for us, but if it wasn’t for our Portuguese stopper we certainly wouldn’t have claimed all three points.

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