The Impatient Society

Sometimes I sit in utter amazement; it’s pretty much like a hypnotic trance, you know when a snake is being serenaded by a snake charmer?

Some people think that I sit there in a hypnotic trance most of the time, but they’re the people I ignore and so I should. After all, the negative people in our lives should be distanced and expelled to somewhere more suitable.

There is a reason as to why I sit there in utter amazement and the fact of the matter is that some people have no logic, or should I go as far as saying that they have no brains, or if they actually do have any grey matter, they don’t use it to the best of their ability?

Life is a patience game, perhaps with age you begin to learn about patience, especially where Chelsea are concerned. Truthfully, supporting Chelsea should carry a health warning. I could start giving the old speech of ‘In my day’ but really, if I gave that speech then I would be here all day rabbiting on about the pre-Roman days, in fact, even the pre-Ken Bates days, but I won’t, not unless someone asks.

Talking of health warnings, I was in the ICU at the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2003, when Chelsea beat Leicester 2-1 at Stamford Bridge; our first home game under Roman. I just blame Spurs, it stems back to 1967, after all I must have known that they had beaten us in the FA Cup Final whilst in my Mum’s womb.

1973 wasn’t that much better, but that is altogether another story, un-Chelsea related, for which to this very day I still blame Spurs for. The first words uttered by me after waking up in the ICU by the way, happened to be “Did we beat Leicester?”

You see, my gripe comes from some irrational Chelsea fans that have very little patience; an example of this irritation comes from the first game of the season against West Bromwich Albion when a section of fans booed at half-time. I personally want to know if these are the same fans who asked on Twitter after three days of the transfer window if we had signed anybody.

To be quite honest, the transfer window drives me mad because all of the intolerable people, in my opinion, appear and say that Roman should spend his money on this player and that player, not giving a hoot about how much would be coming out of Roman’s wallet. These fans should actually think themselves lucky that we have Roman and perhaps could sing his name at games?

If you read the above thinking, that’s not me with regards to the booing and the transfer market ramblings, then great. I am personally not aiming my gripes at every Chelsea fan, but there are some that test my patience and believe me, I have an enormous amount of patience and take everybody on their own merits.

You see, I was in the middle of writing a piece a few months ago, but then aborted it. The piece went along the lines of being a Chelsea fan from 1905-1955. If I had been born in 1890 (Actually, if I had been born in 1890 I might not have survived to see Chelsea formed at all, which I’d blame Spurs for!)

By the time Chelsea were formed I’d have been 15, add on another fifty years and I would have been 65, before I had of seen Chelsea win anything. Personally I had to wait 27 years before I saw Chelsea win anything anyway, but I did say that I’m not going with the ‘In my day’ speech, there are fans the same age as me and older who faced the same length of time and more without seeing a major trophy.

The amazement I suppose cuts both ways, my amazement, apart from the above is that I realise how lucky I am that I was born in an era where I have seen Chelsea win more trophies than I ever thought that the club would, plus I am still alive (at the point of writing this anyway!)

I suppose my message here is for people to think of the past and to enjoy the here and now. Patience my friends, is a virtue, my love affair with Chelsea Football Club will last forever, will their love affair with Chelsea Football Club last forever too?

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