Munich Weekend on TheChels.Net – Munich Memories Part 1

OK, so you might barely have recovered from Chelsea’s triumphant trip to Amsterdam to lift the UEFA Cup, but at TheChels we have no hesitation in celebrating the first anniversary of that extraordinary night in Munich 12 months ago – OK, 363 days ago, to be pedantic.

On Sunday we’ll be revisiting a classic ‘Travels With The Chels’ and  on Monday there’ll be a special ‘What C ‘IF’ C’ on how 19th May 2012 might have panned out very differently, but today and tomorrow, we’ll be bringing you a selection of readers’ Munich Memories.

Paul Jeffrey (aka Pablo – Chelsea Fancast Podcaster) – recalls ‘The look on Stuu Norman’s face, who couldn’t get a ticket, when we triumphantly arrived back at the pub! And before penalties started, realising that all superstitions were pointless and nothing I think will influence it’.

ChelseaCodger – ‘I shed tears that night when I realised we’d done it. The same tears I shed when Wayne Bridge scored against Arsenal in 2004. It wasn’t even about the silverware. It was about a competition I’ve despised for years. Felt like a weight was finally lifted.’ (a view also shared by Peter Watts)

Clayton Beerman writes – ‘For those of a certain age it was incredulity CFC didn’t win the Champions League but we had. We became a big club’.

Aroop Chaudhari of Chelsea In India writes – ‘I organised a meet in Goa with 200 fans from all over India. The joy, the celebrations and a 20 hour bus ride for 400 kilometres!’

Ramon Isaac from the  Mowing Meadows blog remembers ‘Crying in the student bar on campus’.

Finally, @NickilookCFC had a game of piggy in the middle on the Odeonplatz involving a football and the police!

More Munich Memories tomorrow on TheChels.Net