Munich Weekend on TheChels.Net – Munich Memories Part 2

Thanks to all those who’ve offered their Munich Memories. Today’s readers’ recollections are:-

Prabheek Rajbhandary (@prateek423) remembers ‘getting my head shaved and not remembering it the next day due to drunkenness’!

Ken Barkway was in the top tier of Chelsea end when DD rolled the ball into the net – he recalls there was silence, an almighty roar then sobbing.

Finally, Martin Wickham had a brush with the stars:-

‘At the hotel the night before the game I noticed a white-haired, red-faced man at the bar. A fellow guest confirmed my suspicions; it was was Steve Bruce, working for BBC Radio 5, with Mark Pougatch, Mark Lawrenson (still mourning his mate Kenny getting the sack!) etc. present. I asked where Pat Nevin was. His contract mean he had to cover the Scottish Cup final, apparently. Like the majority of Munich, all of them were expecting a Bayern win.

A sunny pre-match in Munich city centre full of beer – and far too many men wearing lederhosen – saw me bump into numerous people who sit near me at the Bridge week in, week out, followed by a certain podcaster in the row in front of me in the ground! The events of the game are known and remembered by us all; I maintain Cole’s penalty was the best of the lot.

My final memory is back at the hotel, having left my voice somewhere in the Allianz and hearing a familiar Northern Irish accent berating the Munich metro (whose failings pre-match mocked the idea of German efficiency). Then Alan Green walked over, shook my hand and said “Well done mate”!’

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to contact us.  Tomorrow on Munich Weekend, we’ll be bringing you a classic ‘Travels With The Chels’.