Academy Season Review: 50 Sensational Strikes

It’s been another remarkable campaign for the Chelsea Football Club academy. The Under-18s recaptured the FA Youth Cup to claim a third win in five years and more than half a dozen of those players then went on to play a part in the Under-21s winning their first national title in three years.

The Blues have some of the best players in the country, if not Europe, across every age group and the last ten months has seen a terrifically high level of football on offer. Over the coming days and weeks we’ll recount all the highs and lows of the 2013-14 campaign, and there’s no finer way to begin than by showcasing fifty of the best goals scored by the Under-15s through to the champion Under-21s.

It’s testament to their ability and consistently elite end product that putting together a list wasn’t very hard and there’s very little filler. Be your own judge; sit back and enjoy:

1. Isaiah Brown, U21s vs Southampton (a), 16/8/13
2. Islam Feruz, U21s vs Southampton (a), 16/8/13
3. Charly Musonda, U18s vs Sunderland, 17/8/13
4. Tammy Abraham, U18s vs West Ham United, 24/8/13
5. Isaiah Brown, U21s vs Leicester (h), 24/8/13
6. Josh McEachran, U21s vs Norwich City (h), 13/9/13
7. Kasey Palmer, U18s vs Liverpool (h), 14/9/13
8. John Swift, U21s vs Everton (a), 23/9/13
9. Jordan Houghton, U18s vs Middlesbrough, 28/9/13
10. Chike Kandi, U18s vs Middlesbrough, 28/9/13
11. John Swift, U19s vs Steaua Bucharest (a), 1/10/13
12. Kasey Palmer, U18s vs Southampton (h), 5/10/13
13. Dominic Solanke, U18s vs Southampton (h), 5/10/13
14. Mukhtar Ali, U16s vs West Brom, October 2013
15. Alex Kiwomya, U21s vs Sunderland (a), 19/10/13
16. George Cole, U18s vs Stoke City, 26/10/13
17. Jeremie Boga, U18s vs Stoke City, 26/10/13
18. Mukhtar Ali, U16s vs Real Madrid, 27/10/13
19. Lewis Baker, U19s vs Schalke (h), 1/11/13
20. Jeremie Boga, U18s vs Arsenal (a), 16/11/13
21. Reece Mitchell, U18s vs Aston Villa (h), 23/11/13
22. John Swift, U19s vs Basel (a), 26/11/13
23. Jeremie Boga, U21s vs Newcastle United (a), 2/12/13
24. Jeremie Boga, U21s vs Cardiff City (a), 6/12/13
25. Islam Feruz, U19s vs Steaua Bucharest (h), 10/12/13
26. Ambrose Gnahore, U19s vs Steaua Bucharest (h), 10/12/13
27. Lewis Baker, U21s vs Bolton Wanderers (a), 16/12/13
28. Isaiah Brown, U21s vs Bolton Wanderers (a), 16/12/13
29. John Swift, U21s vs Bolton Wanderers (a), 16/12/13
30. Mason Mount, U15s vs Arsenal (h), mid December 2013
31. Charly Musonda, U18s vs Sheffield Wednesday (h), 15/1/14
32. Islam Feruz, U21s vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (a), 20/1/14
33. Lewis Baker, U21s vs Fulham (a), 7/2/14
34. Lewis Baker, U19s vs Milan (h), 25/2/14
35. Jeremie Boga, U19s vs Milan (h), 25/2/14
36. Lewis Baker, U19s vs Milan (h), 25/2/14
37. Dominic Solanke, U18s vs Newcastle United (a), 11/3/14
38. Jeremie Boga, U18s vs Newcastle United (a), 11/3/14
39. Charly Musonda, U18s vs Reading (a), 17/3/14
40. Jordan Houghton, U18s vs Man Utd (a), 29/3/14
41. Charlie Colkett, U18s vs Bolton (h), 5/4/14
42. John Swift, U21s vs Aston Villa (a), 14/4/14
43. Lewis Baker, U21s vs Aston Villa (a), 14/4/14
44. Lewis Baker, U21s vs West Brom (h), 19/4/14
45. Lewis Baker, U21s vs Arsenal (a), 22/4/14
46. Jay Dasilva, U18s vs Fulham (a), 28/4/14
47. Jordan Houghton, U18s vs Fulham (h), 5/5/14
48. Isak Ssewankambo, U18s vs Fulham (h), 5/5/14
49. Charly Musonda, U21s vs Man Utd (a), 14/5/14
50. Lewis Baker, U21s vs Man Utd (a), 14/5/14