Antonio Conte Press Conference – Pre West Ham

Full press Conference With Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte – Chelsea v West Ham

Opponent History

West Ham United F.C.
West Ham 2016.png
Nickname The Hammers
The Irons
Founded 1895 as Thames Ironworks
Ground Olympic Stadium
(aka London Stadium)
Stratford, London

West Ham United Football Club is a professional association football club based in Greater London. The club owes its origins to the social club of the Thames Iron Works, the most important shipyard of its time, which was based until it closed in 1912, where the River Lea meets the Thames at Canning Town. Since 2016 the Hammers have played their home matches at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, having previously played at the Boleyn Ground stadium in Upton Park from 1904.

Founded in 1895, the club was originally known as Thames Ironworks F.C., before it was re-named West Ham United five years later. West Ham won promotion to the top flight in 1923 and the same year appeared in the first Wembley FA Cup Final otherwise known as the "white horse" final. They won the FA Cup in 1964 and followed this with the European Cup Winners' Cup at Wembley the following season. More FA Cup glory arrived in 1975 and the Hammers were European Cup Winners' Cup finalists 12 months later. In 1978 they suffered relegation to the Second Division but upset Arsenal to win the FA Cup in 1980. Winning promotion in 1981 they spent eight seasons in the top flight, including a club-best finish of third in 1986, before getting relegated in 1989.

The club regained their place in the top flight in 1991, were relegated after one season and bounced immediately back with promotion at the first attempt in 1993. After a 10-year spell in the Premier League, the east London outfit suffered relegation again but won their place back in 2005. A year later West Ham reached a fifth FA Cup final but lost to Liverpool on penalties.



Season Day D M Year Comp Opposition Venue Result Score Additional Information
1923-24Sat20Oct1923DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew0-0
1923-24Sat27Oct1923DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost0-2
1930-31Sat13Sep1930DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-4
1930-31Sat10Jan1931FACWest Ham UnitedAwayWon3-1
1930-31Sat17Jan1931DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
1931-32Mon31Aug1931DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-3
1931-32Sat23Jan1932FACWest Ham UnitedHomeWon3-1
1931-32Sat7May1932DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon3-2
1945-46Sat26Jan1946FACWest Ham UnitedHomeWon2-0
1945-46Wed30Jan1946FACWest Ham UnitedAwayLost0-1(2-1 aggregate)
1958-59Sat20Sep1958DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost2-4
1958-59Sat7Feb1959DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon3-2
1959-60Sat19Sep1959DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost2-4
1959-60Sat6Feb1960DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost2-4
1960-61Sat10Sep1960DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon3-2
1960-61Sat21Jan1961DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-3
1961-62Sat16Sep1961DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
1961-62Sat3Feb1962DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost0-1
1963-64Sat24Aug1963DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew0-0
1963-64Sat14Dec1963DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayDrew2-2
1964-65Sat28Nov1964DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost0-3
1964-65Sat30Jan1965FACWest Ham UnitedAwayWon1-0
1964-65Mon12Apr1965DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost2-3
1965-66Sat13Nov1965DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
1965-66Sat9Apr1966DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon6-2
1966-67Sat20Aug1966DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayWon2-1
1966-67Sat17Dec1966DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew5-5
1967-68Sat28Oct1967DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost1-3
1967-68Sat23Mar1968DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayWon1-0
1968-69Sat21Sep1968DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew1-1
1968-69Sat12Apr1969DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayDrew0-0
1969-70Mon11Aug1969DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost0-2
1969-70Wed20Aug1969DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew0-0
1970-71Sat22Aug1970DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayDrew2-2
1970-71Sat19Dec1970DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
1971-72Sat11Sep1971DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
1971-72Sat25Mar1972DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon3-1
1972-73Sat9Sep1972DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost1-3
1972-73Sat27Jan1973DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-3
1973-74Wed26Dec1973DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost2-4
1973-74Sat2Mar1974DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost0-3
1974-75Sat21Dec1974DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew1-1
1974-75Sat29Mar1975DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayWon1-0
1977-78Tue27Dec1977DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
1977-78Sat25Mar1978DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-3
1979-80Mon20Aug1979DIV2West Ham UnitedAwayWon1-0
1979-80Wed14Nov1979DIV2West Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
1980-81Sat6Sep1980DIV2West Ham UnitedHomeLost0-1
1980-81Sat14Feb1981DIV2West Ham UnitedAwayLost0-4
1984-85Sat15Sep1984DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon3-0
1984-85Sat13Apr1985DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayDrew1-1
1985-86Sat29Mar1986DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeLost0-4
1985-86Tue15Apr1986DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayWon2-1
1986-87Sat11Oct1986DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost3-5
1986-87Tue25Nov1986FMCWest Ham UnitedAwayWon2-1
1986-87Sat21Mar1987DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon1-0
1987-88Sat12Dec1987DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeDrew1-1
1987-88Mon2May1988DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayLost1-4
1989-90Fri22Dec1989FMCWest Ham UnitedHomeWon4-3
1991-92Sat7Sep1991DIV1West Ham UnitedAwayDrew1-1
1991-92Sat4Apr1992DIV1West Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
1993-94Sat2Oct1993PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost0-1
1993-94Sat26Mar1994PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon2-0
1994-95Sun2Oct1994PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeLost1-2
1994-95Wed26Oct1994LCWest Ham UnitedAwayLost0-1
1994-95Sat25Feb1995PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon2-1
1995-96Mon11Sep1995PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon3-1
1995-96Sat17Feb1996PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeLost1-2
1996-97Sat21Dec1996PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon3-1
1996-97Wed12Mar1997PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost2-3
1997-98Sun9Nov1997PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
1997-98Sat14Mar1998PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
1998-99Sun8Nov1998PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayDrew1-1
1998-99Sat13Mar1999PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeLost0-1
1999-00Sun7Nov1999PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeDrew0-0
1999-00Sat18Mar2000PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayDrew0-0
2000-01Sat19Aug2000PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon4-2
2000-01Wed7Mar2001PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon2-0
2001-02Wed24Oct2001PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
2001-02Sun20Jan2002PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon5-1
2001-02Sat26Jan2002FACWest Ham UnitedHomeDrew1-1
2001-02Wed6Feb2002FACWest Ham UnitedAwayWon3-2
2002-03Sat28Sep2002PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeLost2-3
2002-03Sat3May2003PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost0-1
2004-05Wed27Oct2004LCWest Ham UnitedHomeWon1-0
2005-06Mon2Jan2006PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon3-1
2005-06Sun9Apr2006PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon4-1
2006-07Sat18Nov2006PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon1-0
2006-07Wed18Apr2007PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon4-1
2007-08Sat1Dec2007PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon1-0
2007-08Sat1Mar2008PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon4-0
2008-09Sun14Dec2008PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeDrew1-1
2008-09Sat25Apr2009PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon1-0
2009-10Sun20Dec2009PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayDrew1-1
2009-10Sat13Mar2010PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon4-1
2010-11Sat11Sep2010PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon3-1
2010-11Sat23Apr2011PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon3-0
2012-13Sat1Dec2012PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost1-3
2012-13Sun17Mar2013PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon2-0
2013-14Sat23Nov2013PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon3-0
2013-14Wed29Jan2014PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeDrew0-0
2014-15Fri26Dec2014PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon2-0
2014-15Wed4Mar2015PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon1-0
2015-16Sat24Oct2015PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
2015-16Sat19Mar2016PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeDrew2-2
2016-17Mon15Aug2016PREMWest Ham UnitedHomeWon2-1
2016-17Wed26Oct2016LCWest Ham UnitedAwayLost1-2
2016-17Mon6Mar2017PREMWest Ham UnitedAwayWon2-1


Comp Home Away Neutral Total
League 48 25 11 12 88 64 +24 48 16 8 24 67 83 -16 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 96 41 19 36 155 147 +8
FA Cup 3 2 1 0 6 2 +4 4 3 0 1 7 4 +3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 5 1 1 13 6 +7
Lg Cup 1 1 0 0 1 0 +1 2 0 0 2 1 3 -2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 2 2 3 -1
Other 1 1 0 0 4 3 +1 1 1 0 0 2 1 +1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 6 4 +2
All 53 29 12 12 99 69 +30 55 20 8 27 77 91 -14 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 108 49 20 39 176 160 +16

Statistics correct as of 8th March 2017

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