Dermot Drummy 1961-2017

Dermot Drummy left us far too soon.

Depression doesn’t care about your accolades or achievements. It doesn’t care about your fame or fortune, your status or standing, or just about anything you can think of. It is a relentless bastard of an disease that we cannot allow to triumph, that should be starved of the opportunity to coalesce, and that starts by simply talking.

Talk. It comes across as a cliché now but it remains true; Dermot was from a generation where you didn’t discuss your feelings, where you were expected to tough it out, and those barriers pervade (particularly male) society even to the present day. He was more than just a football manager; he was a human being with flaws and emotions and every single thing the rest of us go through every single day. He was a father, a husband, a brother, a friend. His work was unfinished and he, like you and me, had much more to offer the world. Depression doesn’t care about that though, it takes a stranglehold over your life, and can leave you in such despair that you feel there is no hope and no way to make those feelings go away.

We can all hit a crisis but it isn’t the final stop on your journey. It might not seem like it today, or tomorrow, but your capacity to beat this despicable illness is stronger that the thing itself. Seek help. Say hello. Send a message or a DM. Above all else, keep going and know that, if you’re in that place, you’re not there forever. This feeling is not forever, it WILL get better. It might not be today, it still might not not feel good, but it won’t be as bad as yesterday. This isn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said by countless resources who do tremendous, important work (some of which you can contact below), but we all need to be a part of the conversation. Reach out, please.

Rest in Peace Dermot.

You can speak to The Samaritans at any time, from any phone, for free by dialling 116 123.

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Your friends are there for you.

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