An Open Letter To Bruce Buck & Richard King

October 8, 2011

Dear Bruce and Richard, You have both made serious misjudgements on the proposal to buy back Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) shares. So serious, that I feel neither of you have any credibility left in your respective roles and I call for both of you to resign… but more about that later. Seeing as neither of you are prepared to answer emails or phone calls, I thought I’d outline my points…


We Should Vote ‘No’ To Selling CPO

October 4, 2011

Everything’s easy with hindsight. I bought my Chelsea Pitch Owners share on the 30th January 1985 on my way to Hillsborough for the quarter final replay of the then Milk Cup. At that point I’d only ever seen Chelsea win one trophy, the 1970 FA cup … I was only four then and it’s still the earliest memory I have of my life. So imagine standing on the terraces at…