Fooled By Football’s Imposters

July 29, 2010

Making his writing debut for, son of Chelsea legend Alan Hudson and MLS coach with a growing reputation in his own right; Anthony Hudson. It’s very evident to the world and certainly to the people in America that the game of soccer is growing at such a tremendous pace. It is fantastic to see this amount of kids playing the game; more and more interest from the ‘other’ bigger…


Debt Free

January 1, 2010

It’s fair to say that one of the most common snipes from opposition supporters since Roman bought the club back in 2003, was that we’d be up the creek should he ever decide to leave us. This wasn’t strictly true, but with the ‘debt’ millstone around our necks, many took aim and fired without seeing the irony of their own situation. Yes supporters of Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United, I…