Smoke And Mirrors

June 5, 2010

Football’s magic isn’t it? Yes, even during the close season. Is it called the close season because everyone keeps their cards ‘close’ to their chest I wonder? Story after story, rumour after rumour. Very few pieces of hard fact. And the scope for Fleet Street’s finest – oh sorry, you can’t call them that anymore can you? That would imply reporters’ gathering real news, informative journalism at its best; opinion…


Tall Poppy Syndrome

February 12, 2010

As someone who has followed Chelsea Football Club for a considerable period of time, I find myself in a strange and unfamiliar land. There was a time when one had to buy half a dozen papers on Sunday and then spend lunchtime down the local hunched over a hair-of-the-dog Stella trying to find something interesting about our beloved and at times, somewhat beleaguered club. My, how times have changed. Ne’er…