Chelsea FC: Giving Up Your Rights

If it wasn’t enough for the club to show how little they care for supporters with regards to the CPO and Stamford Bridge issue, a piece of information comes our way today that shows this is a growing trend.

The club have started a new ‘upload your photo/videos’ section on the Official Chelsea FC website called ‘All Blues. All Season‘ – we were asked to promote it a short while ago but declined because frankly, the club take the p*ss with their demands of supporter sites and you never get anything in return.  It’s all take, no give.

However if you are inclined to use this new area on their site then please note that in the terms and conditions of use, you are giving up your all your rights (for ever) in anything you upload. This means that Chelsea FC, their agents, partners or anyone they sell images or information to, may use or alter your images or use the video for any purpose they see fit.

From their T&C’s; “4.3 You acknowledge that by posting materials on the Chelsea Site You grant to Us and Our licensors and assigns an irrevocable, perpetual royalty free worldwide licence to use the materials within the Chelsea Site and in any other manner. The licence extends to copying, distributing, broadcasting, and otherwise transmitting, and adapting and editing the materials.

So you may upload a picture of your youngster in the latest Chelsea kit, and the club can then use this in magazines or promotions the world over without ever asking your consent, nor compensating you for the use of your image either. Would you be happy about your child’s face used on ad boards in Thailand, or Korea, without knowing it?

Those of you who use Facebook will remember a public backlash and outcry in the media about a similar clause in their terms and conditions, and they removed the clause quickly so to avoid public anger, it’s unbelievable that the club has put the same clause in place.

I doubt very much the club care enough or will be hit with as much negative press about their clause, so the best we can do is advise you NOT to upload anything to the the All Blues. All Season part of the Chelsea FC website.

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  1. Funny that you’ve decided to talk about this rather than the club answering a lot of questions about the proposed buying out of the CPO! seems slightly overly negative towards chelsea at the moment to be honest.

    1. This article isn’t related, it was brought to my attention yesterday and I feel it’s a valid point to raise so ran a piece on it.

      Will be running a few follow-up CPO articles this week.

  2. Sorry for the negative post, it’s a great blog, and you probably have a post on Chelsea’s response in the pipeline – but I found the answers very convincing and certainly don’t feel too negative towards the club right now as a result

  3. They’ve answered some questions on the stadium move, not all. Certainly not convincing for my mind.

    I personally am FOR the move, but the way the club has gone about this, and their half arsed promises and guarantees, plus attempted bribery of the CPO means for me I will vote no until we can get more assurances from them.

  4. Not sure that I agree with this. Yes, we’re all a bit pissed off with the CPO issue and the club at the moment BUT this is a site for us to share some silly pics. It’s nice to see what’s going on all over the world. Plus its in conjunction with adidas and that part of the legal agreement you show seems pretty standard!

    What are they to do? Pay everyone that uploads content? – although Roman could afford to! 😉
    I post on the Shed as well and it’s the same T&C’s. (just checked)
    Lets focus on the pitch issue.

    1. Nothing to agree with Jim, it’s there in black and white and you transfer ownership of your images or videos, meaning YOU no longer own the rights.

      There was a global outcry about Facebook doing it, they back tracked. I certainly wouldn’t want my image being used without permission, anywhere, and especially not that of any kids, nieces or nephews of mine either.

      The payment thing is less important, the permission thing is important, but hey this is the time of no privacy no security and everyone out in the open… it’s just not for me.

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