The Burning Question: Chelsea & The CPO

With Chelsea FC making an aggressive statement of intent with regards to buying out the CPO in order to fully acquire not only the freehold to Stamford Bridge, but the name of Chelsea FC itself too, many supporters and supporters groups alike are rightly concerned.

This is your chance to tell us how you feel about this issue.

The survey is now closed, thanks for your participation .

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  1. as a cpo member i will be voting no to the move. Abramovitch and his lap dogs can take his club and move but he cant have our name or our ground. My ideal would be to start again ala afc wimbledon at stamford bridge 15 pound entrance goodbye glory hunters and the real supporters get our club back. Piss off to white city or wherever and good riddance.

    1. I have been a life long Chelsea fan of 42 years i to am a CPO holder be voting no sometimes you need to go back to your roots and rember the good old days when we were shit, take note glory hunters just because you can afford £60 a game you will never have the memories of the benches or the shed or the buzz just to get into the ground.

  2. Hate to disagree lads, but think that if ever we should have questioned Roman, it was 8 years ago, not now after he’s spent over £800m.

    Just think this is one time we need to go with the club. It’s a pipe dream to expect the fans to still own the freehold when we move. No other clubs supporters have ever had that and to be honest, if you’d asked most CPO’s a few weeks ago, they’d have probably said they werent worth the paper they’re written on.

    I understand some of the concerns, but we’ll be cutting our nose to spite our face, if we vote no.

    The Shed, Stamford Bridge of old, the area, the pubs.. all gone, we miss them days, but they’re never coming back.

    Vote no, we stay at the Bridge. Stay at the Bridge, wave goodbye to the CL, titles, cups, star players.

    We all say we want the hard core back, but its gone, our hard core IS the newbie fans and families. Drop down to mid table and its over.. it will be more early 90’s that mid 70’s and that was shite and we all know it was.

    You may kid yourself 12000 at home to Coventry was a laugh, or 4000 in the simod cup to Luton, but it was rubbish.

    Best hope this clubs got to keep the crowds and interest is to move ground.

    I’m voting yes, hope some of you accept the past is gone and see sense, I really do.


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