What Has Roman Ever Done For Us?

While not wanting to sound like John Cleese in Monthy Python, what has Roman (Abramovich) ever done for us?

That is, apart from; paying off the large Euro-loan that was due, taking Chelsea Football Club to the next level, buying a succession of world class players (and the odd duff one – not Damien, he was great), our own training ground and one of the best in Europe or the World, three Premierships when I never thought I’d live to see one, a Champions League final (again, I would never, ever have dreamed this would happen), and so much more.

All these wondrous ‘gifts’ yet so many of those naughty, thankless irks who bought the odd £100 share seem not to trust our knight in shinning armour!

That’s fine for all those who have 100% trust in Roman, his heirs and, when the time comes (and it will come), whoever they sell Chelsea Football Club to. Some of us have slightly longer memories or heed that quotation “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

Prior to the Ken Bates era, Chelsea Football and Athletic Club was founded by Gus Mears. The club remained in the same family from 1905 until the mid 1980’s when circumstances and maybe poor judgement conspired against the family owned club which was now deep in debt. The club was sold to Ken Bates, but the freehold of the land was effective sold off and traded between property developers.

Love or hate the guy (and there’s plenty in each camp), what you cannot deign is that Ken’s belligerent bull-dog spirit to save ‘our’ club and of course his investment in it, eventually saved Stamford Bridge as the home for the club and quite possibly the actual existence of Chelsea Football Club.

Like virginity, you only need to say yes once and it’s gone. You can not recoup what you had. Likewise the CPO vote. Think very hard.

Why do we need to rush into a yes in three weeks time? Why can’t we ask questions, have time to consider the answers, offer any alternative proposals and maybe decided in a few months? Why does it have to be the way Bruce Buck and Ron Gourlay want it and want it now?

The sale of Chelsea Stadium Ltd to the club and the effective closure of the CPO is a big issue. Do not take it lightly and do not be rushed into by the personalities involved. A no vote doesn’t mean a no never, it can be considered a ‘not sure yet’, ‘maybe later’ or a ‘yes but’ vote.

Even if you think ‘yes’ is right, why not vote no to allow better bargaining power for the shareholders trying to get the best deal for the club and the supporters?

Don’t get caught with your knickers down, hold on to your ha’penny!

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