Just Who Is In Charge At Chelsea?

Sarri Marina
February 27, 2019

I’m confused…  It used to all be so simple, clubs would have an owner, a board, a sponsorship deal that slapped a logo of some sorts in the middle of our kits. Add to that a squad of players assembled one way or another, who generally did what the bloke on the side-lines in a tracksuit with his initials on them shouted out. From the then newly established Premier League,…


What Has Roman Ever Done For Us?

October 7, 2011

While not wanting to sound like John Cleese in Monthy Python, what has Roman (Abramovich) ever done for us? That is, apart from; paying off the large Euro-loan that was due, taking Chelsea Football Club to the next level, buying a succession of world class players (and the odd duff one – not Damien, he was great), our own training ground and one of the best in Europe or the…