What Has Roman Ever Done For Us?

October 7, 2011

While not wanting to sound like John Cleese in Monthy Python, what has Roman (Abramovich) ever done for us? That is, apart from; paying off the large Euro-loan that was due, taking Chelsea Football Club to the next level, buying a succession of world class players (and the odd duff one – not Damien, he was great), our own training ground and one of the best in Europe or the…


Preston North End: Been There, Done That

January 5, 2010

Following Chelsea over the years has brought many highs and lows, but one of the strangest set of memories for me goes back over forty years to the 4th round in January and February of 1969. Over the previous four seasons we’d reached the sixth round, two semi-finals and lost to T*tt*nh*m in the first all-London final. Dave Sexton was manager having taken over from Tommy Docherty fifteen months earlier….