Beat The Boo Boys

OK we have just had match day one and the idiots have already taken over the away section, well what few West Brom brought with them.

Just what do they think is going to happen when they boo the Chelsea England boys? Are the three lads in question going to turn to a lump of quivering jelly and end up playing badly, or are they going to stick two metaphorical fingers up at the twats and play out of their skins?

You would think they would learn from JTs display at Burnley away last season just after the News of the Screws brought out the revelations, that are still to be proved true as yet by the way, and JT just got on with the game and scored.

But no the idiots in the Shed End corner yesterday booed continually, and Ash had another brilliant game, making runs and put in delightful crosses. JT was imperious at the back and Frankie? Well he was just Frankie and ran midfield and scored a wonderful goal from an equally delightful pass from Ash.

So oppo fans everywhere take note booing just isn’t clever and it will not make Chelsea players play badly. It will just make them play better and the Chelsea fans get even more behind the team.

But somehow you just know that morons will still turn up and think it oh so clever to boo Chelsea and equally we Chels fans know that it wont make a blind bit of difference.

Up the Chels and let’s silence the boo boys (& girls).

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