Power and Responsibility

February 22, 2012

An inevitable consequence of a spell of poor form or a season where expectations are not being met is the media’s take on the cause of the maladies. Typically, the woes will be attributed to dressing room discontent and the notion that the manager has ‘lost’ his players, no longer commanding their respect. True to form, this is currently the case with Andre Villas-Boas and Chelsea. The club’s worst season…


Beat The Boo Boys

August 15, 2010

OK we have just had match day one and the idiots have already taken over the away section, well what few West Brom brought with them. Just what do they think is going to happen when they boo the Chelsea England boys? Are the three lads in question going to turn to a lump of quivering jelly and end up playing badly, or are they going to stick two metaphorical…


Club Before Country, Martin

April 12, 2010

Martin O’Neill isn’t shy of a moan, we all know that. This weekend’s diatribe is aimed at everyone’s favourite man; John Terry, meaning that O’Neill is already very late to an already oversubscribed party. Yet it’s not the target of his outburst which has goaded a reaction out of me, but rather the nature of it, and the predictable reaction of the wider footballing public. Apparently, Terry should be publicly…


Is Carlo The Right Man For The Job?

March 26, 2010

OK so Ancelotti has won a few titles in Serie A and he has also won the Champions League, as well as losing it after being three up against the Scouse Scum. He came to us in a blaze of publicity. But what has he achieved? It comes to something when I agree with certain hacks who have said we should have walked the league this year with our squad,…


That Sepp Blatter!

January 7, 2010

This isn’t a good start. I was determined that everything on this site was going to be about Chelsea, but something caught my beady eye this morning and I just had to let off a little steam. I promise you it’s Chelsea related though, albeit somewhat tenuously and with a generous dollop of Blue. Does anyone pay attention to what Sepp Blatter has to say about the state of football…