Is Carlo The Right Man For The Job?

OK so Ancelotti has won a few titles in Serie A and he has also won the Champions League, as well as losing it after being three up against the Scouse Scum. He came to us in a blaze of publicity. But what has he achieved?

It comes to something when I agree with certain hacks who have said we should have walked the league this year with our squad, and the spirit, left to him by Guus, but somehow he has managed, or mis-managed, the squad to now be in a position where we’re chasing Man United again, with the resurgent Gooners in there as well despite us having won all three games against those teams.

Roman, if you believe the media, wants the Champions League (a subject for another rant) above all else and saw Carlo as the man to bring him that missing trophy but, after going out very early by our own recent standards, that faith has already been proved to be false.

From my own perspective I don’t see him as any kind of saviour I just see him as Ranieri Mk II, and let us not forget he didn’t win anything for four years. Where I sit in the MHU we are already in despair at his lack of nous to select the correct teams for the job, his ability change it early enough when his original selections muck it up, and his apparent lack of motivational skills in dealing with this squad of big names.

Point in case when the cameras panned round to him and Wilkins at Blackburn at the weekend they just sat there looking like they had run out of any ideas and, as it turned out, they had.

I return to where I started, Ancelotti’s successes have come from a league that cannot in any way be compared to the English Premier League. Serie A is soft and slow by comparison and to send teams out with a mentality of not losing will win nothing here. I would contend that he is the wrong man to manage Chelsea to domestic league titles which, no matter what Roman and Ancelotti think, is the number priority every season.

Of course it is all about opinions and you are at liberty to want to subscribe to the theory he should be given a chance to sort the squad out in the summer and build “his” team, but I would just say that he has two windows to do that and has changed nothing.

I do not have the confidence that he can do it. Please prove me wrong Carlo, and bring me the League and Cup double this season.

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