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It’s been a quiet couple of weeks for us here at TheChels, we’re not ones to get over excited with the overblown hype each time the England team plays, especially due to the rank hypocrisy in the media coverage of their star player and his indiscretions with hookers. At least this time they’re not drawing their pension though.

Never mind that Rooney has scored more times off the pitch than on it since March, oh no, Sir Shrek of Salford has been given a far easier ride than our Captain was, and before all you cyber warriors run to the keyboards to tell me how JT shagged a team mates bird and this is ‘somehow’ worse, go and do some research. This interview is a good place to start.

Ok so we had our own little joke at the story when it first broke, however looking at Vanessa’s interview recently, and knowing the way the media work, yes they did make it up.

Two and two often equates to whatever number Fleet Street need, especially if that number also happens to be someone’s voice mail. The News of the World, and indeed any paper owned by the dark overlord; Rupert Murdoch, will make more from lies and sensationalism than they will lose when later sued. As papers are now, in the main loss making, they have to try all they can to increase sales.

So why the easy ride from the media then? Quite simply, they like Rooney as he plays their game, and he is their choice for future England captain. Think Capello picks his main man? Not without coercion. If he did, Terry would still be captain.

The Sun and a vicious hate campaign saw nicely to that, yet with rumours of Gerrard’s infidelity safely locked behind a super injunction that seems to be continually extended, the rank hypocrisy in the media and indeed the England set up as a whole means we at TheChels can’t get excited about it one bit, and we’re glad when our lads don’t play.

So onto other news and it seems the posturing from Marseilles this week about their ‘attempt’ to sign Drogba was nothing more than a load of old tosh, with Carlo stating today that no such bid was forthcoming, and even if it had, or will in January, the answer will be a resounding no.

There may however be moves in the offing for Yuri Zhirkov, the man Carlo once saw as a ‘rib eye steak’, however if you look past the ‘Play me or I leave’ sensationalist headlines from our ‘friends’ in the main stream media, the comments tell a different story; “I’ll certainly get a chance in the next few months and I’ll try to use it completely” said the Russian.

“We are currently in brilliant form and getting past Malouda and Cole is problematic. Everyone understands about the competition: once you are on the bench you can be there for a long time.” He added; ” I will definitely get a chance. The thoughts when you are watching your team play are always the same: you support, worry and your soul wants to be on the pitch to help.” That sounds like he’s leaving, doesn’t it?

So it’s back to the Premiership this weekend with a match against Wet Spam on the cards, Avram Grant will again cross Chelsea’s path and one would hope he’s feeling charitable, as we could do with a few more goals this week as our goal difference could do with a boost, don’t you think?

Lampard is out tomorrow but Kakuta may just play, we at TheChels have been following the developments of the young Frenchman ever since the furore surrounding his transfer and hope that he’ll get the chances his undoubted skills deserve.  In Carlo we trust.

Speaking of the amiable Italian, Ancelotti has just won the Manager of the Month award for August after our fine start to the season, let’s hope it’s not a curse as has so often been the case recently as we must keep the pressure on at the top of the table.

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