Over Land And Sea For Wet Sham

London, we love it, but one of the worst parts has to be the continual ‘improvements’ being made to the underground most weekends, that more often than not finds us blues struggling to get to a match, or stuck in the vicinity afterwards.

Ironically these improvements aren’t making it any better for us this weekend either.

With the usual district line weekend fiasco and militant muppet Bob Crows’ extra actions this week, the journey will be even trickier than expected.

The East London pikeys should be ok though, with their caravans not having to run on road, or rail, and not bound by the simpleton strikers self serving stupidity, they should at least fill their side of the ground…. or perhaps not.

Yes the football at Upton Park/Boleyn Ground/Hell on Earth hasn’t been worth paying for recently, say around ten years, but this season has been far far worse for the unlucky ‘ammers’ who under the stewardship of Dr Death Avram Grant, only seem to have blowing bubbles to look forward too. Well, that and giving Frank Lampard some stick, again.

It’s said that our very own Mr Consistency will play after recovering from a hernia operation, and should also be joined by John Terry who has also recovered from an injury that kept him out of the England matches recently. No doubt the thick air and lack of a decent gene pool in E13 will also see our two English stalwarts booed even harder than normal for ‘letting our country down’… damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Damned if you’re Chelsea.

So what can we expect from this weekend’s match up? Despite the fact it’s so easy to point and laugh right now, we need to take Wet Sham very seriously indeed, there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal as we saw with Wigan and Rottenham recently, yes they are rock bottom and yes they are managed by a man who looks like Herman Munster, but their players will be up for this one, and we can expect them to press us hard and high early in the match, much as Wigan did.

With Carlton Cole, Scott Parker, Tal Ben-Haim & Frank Nouble all facing their old club, there will also be extra motivation for them to do well, however with the mighty blues having scored 47 goals in the last 11 Premier League games, whilst only conceding four in return, so long as we weather the early storm then Wet Sham should run themselves out, and our superior quality should tell in the end.

The match kicks off at 3pm tomorrow afternoon, if you are travelling our advice to you is to leave as much time as possible. Check out the TFL website and plan your journey well. Good luck!

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