Reported To UEFA, Already?

Reported to UEFA already and we’re only two games in, some things never change.

Just like that of European referees, this time Belgian Frank De Bleeckere who seemed intent on continuing what almost feels like policy now, in making what we’ll kindly refer to as ‘odd’ decisions.

This time though, it’s not a manager, player swearing or criticising officials, the opposition or UEFA in general, but our stadium security staff.

Marseilles security chief; Guy Cazademont, alleged that he was “grabbed around the waist” by Chelsea’s security officials as he was removed from Stamford Bridge before last nights match, with the French club vowing to refer the matter to UEFA.

A Chelsea statement on said; “There were a number of incidents at Tuesday evening’s game involving the away support, all of which are being fully investigated by Chelsea Football Club. We won’t be commenting further until those investigations are complete and the results have been shared with UEFA.”

There were allegedly a number of issues both inside and outside the stadium, that seemed to be the result of actions by Marseilles supporters, we can’t vouch for what happened outside but in the Shed Lower, we were certainly subjected to coins and other such items being thrown from their direction.

In the main their supporters were loud, jovial and good natured, even if we couldn’t understand most of what they said, and we know that it would have been a small number of idiots ruining it for the rest of them.

Whether Marseilles complaint is a valid one, or just a smoke screen for their supporters actions, remains to be seen.

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