New! European Champions T-Shirts & Tops available

May 23, 2012

Available right now at our online store are our brilliant new and unofficial Munich 2012 European Champions t-shirts and tops. The first design shows two Chelsea lions grasping the trophy underneath a crown. The second is in German and translates as: ‘Your city, your stadium, our cup’, a play on the banners the Bayern fans held up before kickoff. Celebrate our Chelsea becoming the Champions of Europe by visiting…


Not To Fear – Financial Fair Play Is Here

February 4, 2011

Financial Fair Play (FFP) – the three words that used to send shivers down my spine, when I first found out about the UEFA proposals to put an end to loss-making football clubs. Yet surprisingly, Roman Abramovich was reportedly one of the biggest backers of FFP and UEFA initiatives. The English media put 2 and 2 together and got 5, claiming the main man was no longer interested in backing…


Reported To UEFA, Already?

September 29, 2010

Reported to UEFA already and we’re only two games in, some things never change. Just like that of European referees, this time Belgian Frank De Bleeckere who seemed intent on continuing what almost feels like policy now, in making what we’ll kindly refer to as ‘odd’ decisions. This time though, it’s not a manager, player swearing or criticising officials, the opposition or UEFA in general, but our stadium security staff….