The Future Is Blue A-H

So here we go with the first part of my alphabetical run down of the coming season, to explain just why the future is blue.

A Arsenal. A team of nearly men from the North (no, not Liverpool, not that far north. North of Kings Cross I mean). Stands for Also-rans too, which is appropriate in both cases.

Half-way through last season, they were hailed as THE team, pretty football that also produced results.

Scoring so freely some even said they might get close to 100 league goals. In the end they managed a mere 80-odd. Not bad by their standards but not even close to Chelsea’s 103.

Contenders for next season? Of course they are, until the run-in that is, and then anything can happen.

B Ballack. There is a minority who were happy he left because of his age and the way he slowed the game down.

He still managed to bring a calm authority to midfield though and his experience was invaluable. Shame he’s gone but every cloud has a silver lining, his absence leaves a space next season for the likes of Matic or maybe even McEachran to fill.

C Carlo. This is the guy Roman had been after for a long time. Clever man, Roman, though we weren’t convinced he was right.

We all kept an open mind and supported him. Just like Big Phil he started well then had a blip. We got edgy. Carlo didn’t, so neither did the team. Obstacles were overcome, hazards avoided. Trophies won. And in style. Job done. Clever man, Carlo. Clever man, Roman.

D Drogba, The Double and Domestic Domination. The best striker in the world is also one of the best defenders. As well as that he is required to wander out wide for the team.

Drogba imposes himself on games and is one of a band of few forwards who can be match winners on their own. Most good sides have someone like this: luckily Chelsea have a good handful of these players.

In spite of his defensive duties he still managed to win the Golden Boot, which went a long way to helping us win the… er, now what was it called? Oh yes, The Double. Domestic Domination no less!

E Essien. Whenever he plays his performance is one of authority and power. The man is a beast, strong and unstoppable and has been missed.

It’s a shame that he did not grace the World Cup. But at least now he is fit and raring to go and looking a lot like his old self at Palace. And with rumours circulating about Ramirez (a defensive midfielder), that signing would enable The Bison to get forward even more.

Could be a promising season this time around, and he deserves it after two injury hit seasons.

F Fulham: the next door neighbour we think are quite cute most of the time. We were all proud of their amazing achievements last season.

I don’t think they like us very much, though, but hey, whatever. It remains to be seen what they can do without good old Uncle Roy, and now that jolly old Jol has turned his back on them the future is even more uncertain.

G God. Each has his own. Older friends tell me Bentley, Graham, Tambling. I remember Ossie and Hutch from The Big Match.

Dixon and Joe McLaughlin. Ruud, even though he wasn’t here long. Jose for a while, though I fear his halo may be tarnished if he has the temerity to come looking for Ash.

These days it has to be JT or Lamps though don’t forget the supreme being who created the world in seven days (actually it was more like a few months from when he first arrived), and oversees its continuing success: Roman Abramovich

H History. If you listen to others (notably Liverpool fans, but they are not alone) we have no history. And if trophies are the yardstick I can only agree.

But past performance is no guide to the future and history only has limited value. History is like a stone thrown into a pond: the longer ago it was, the smaller the ripples. For Chelsea, it is creating history that is important.

As they sang on the bus at Eel Brook “we’re making history….”

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