The Future Is Blue I-R

Following part one of my alphabetical preview of the 2010-11 season, here we go with part two!

I Ivanovic. He impressed me so much last season. Gets tackled: gets on with it. Gets fouled: gets on with it.

Gets battered, and where most other players would have gone off he just shakes his head… and gets on with it. Ivanovic is as hard as nails and never retaliates. Awesome!

Look out for him this season, he is going to be so massive even the press may sit up and take notice!

J JT. Captain. Leader. Legend. Says it all.

K Kevin Prince Boateng. Joined the ranks of Dean Saunders and Steven Hunt in the list of players who think they are hard men and try to “put it about a bit”, endangering other peoples’ careers with their stupidity and recklessness..

They are the Criminally Useless Nasty Tacklers. Some words of advice for them: Bremner, Hunter, Chopper Harris, Webb, Roy Keane, Vinnie, JT, Ivanovich. They were and are hard. You’ll never be in the same league as them, grow up and play properly.

L Liverpool. With Master Tactician Benitez in charge they were unlucky to miss out on the title the season before last. Maybe if he wasn’t so scared to commit to attack they may have done it. So last season boded well for them.

Nah, calm down, calm down. A soap opera as good as Emmerdale or even West Ham appeared to be going on behind the scenes and instead of strengthening, they weakened. A strange tactic from the master tactician which confused us a bit at first – but ultimately failed..

Never mind, Uncle Roy is there now, he’s good at improving a mid-table team. Maybe soon at Anfield, along with the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” banners, we will see banners proclaiming “There’s Always Next Season”. Next season it is then…

M Man Utd. Ferguson is a great manager, they have a huge ground and they have some exciting, very watchable world class players like Tevez and Ronaldo – oh sorry, they’re gone.

And Fergie lost the title at home to Chelsea, so he can’t be that great. So, they have a huge ground. That’s it.

N Nearly men. Let’s give them a huge hand, ladies and gentlemen. These are the men directly in line behind some of the best players in the world. Like Hilario behind Cech; and Ferreira, Zhirkov, Sturridge, the list goes on.

Some are young and pushing for their place, some are getting on a bit and may soon seek pastures new. But they all deserve credit for their help along the way. Cheers guys. Hopefully we will see some of you younger ones making your mark in the first team next season.

O Overtime. The time added on at the end of games by referees when Man United are NOT winning. Now commonly known as Fergie-time. I wonder how many overtime-points United will accumulate next season?

P Petr Cech. He refuelled his confidence tank again last season and ended with the Golden Glove. The best shotstopper I’ve ever seen, and he’s regained his former control of the area.

A calf injury will keep him out until mid-August, but when he gets back it’ll be like getting a new player again – remember Jose’s “my new £50 million signing Peter Cech”?

Q Queues. Getting tickets seems to involve a big one, as does getting through some of the turnstiles. Doesn’t bother me, I like to get there early when I go, but I understand some people get irked by it.

Don’t worry, I know everything should be perfect considering the prices we pay, but we have a choice don’t we? We can always go and watch QPR instead. No? I thought not. In that case, let the club know the situation and bear with them while they make improvements. We are all on the same side remember.

R Roman Abramovich. My hero. Quite simply, dragged the club up and put it at the forefront of world football. When he took over everyone questioned his loyalty, saying he’d be gone in three years. Idiots.

Just look at the man, how he kicks every ball, feels every tackle, celebrates every goal – of course he loves the club. Just as much as we love him. It will be good to see him sitting in his usual place at The Bridge again next season.

Thanks Roman, thanks for loving Chelsea as much as we do. Thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you from the heart.

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