Torres Rumours Gather Pace

I’m not one for idle gossip, especially in the badlands of the transfer silly season, however one story has been doing the rounds for the duration of the World Cup, and has gathered pace aplenty today.

Yes, Torres to Chelsea seems to be the story on every hacks laptop right now, with rumours of Roman jetting out to the World Cup to talk personally with him, about a deal that would smash the British record fee.

There’s also been the inevitable sound-bytes leaked by agents and the all encompassing ‘sources close to Torres’ citing his desire to stay in the Premiership, and play in the Champions League. With Liverpool on their knees, Torres wants out.

The question shouldn’t be if this story be true or not, to qualify that we only need ask; do we really need him?

Last season we scored a record number of goals, with Drogba the focal point, augmented brilliantly by Lampard, Malouda, Anelka and yes, even Kalou. We also have youngsters such as Borini, Sturridge and Kakuta coming through the ranks, all expecting playing time this season, if what Carlo said about them is to be taken at face value.

So why would we need Torres? An undoubtedly excellent striker on his day, with a brilliant goals to games ratio, however the problem is, that ratio doesn’t have enough games. Torres, gets injured a lot.

Surely a space in the squad would need to be opened too, meaning a player leaves. Who though? Anelka would be the obvious candidate but he’s just signed a new deal, and would Torres be as unselfish as our Nic? Drogba then? Not a chance.

Kalou improved immensely last season to a point that he became more effective than Joe Cole, so after letting the latter leave, I doubt it would be him either, so just where would Torres fit in?

The answer is; he doesn’t.

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