The Secret Diary Of Fernando Torres

May 21, 2011

Date: Friday 18th May 2011 Time: 4:37pm Location: London Flat “Wake up Fernando!” shouts his beautiful girlfriend, as Torres curls his head underneath a Liverpool themed pillow. “I no wanna work today.” “Why baby?” “De goal iz too small.” “There are the same size as they were at Anfield baby.” “NO. Chelsea goals erl smaller. Why else wouldz’ you explain me not being able to score goal?” “Your just going…


We Need To Talk About Fernando

May 19, 2011

I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who felt uneasy on Sunday. A torpid performance against an admittedly game Newcastle United, struggling to a draw. Fans trickling away at the final whistle like water draining from a bath. The ground a third full by the time the players came out for the lap of appreciation (and those who had the decency to remain were starting to get the hump)….


A Date With Destiny?

May 8, 2011

Last seasons victory at Old Trafford was the turning point, Chelsea went to Manchester at a similar time of the season and victory was arguably the difference in finishing the season as Champions. Double-winning Champions. This Premier League season, however, has been very bizarre to say the least. Chelsea are currently on course to reach the lowest amount of total points gained since Roman Abramovich took over in 2003 and…


Settling In

April 30, 2011

How long was it before you started calling your mother in law by her nickname or mum? How long was it before your work colleagues found out about your personal life? How long before those plants in your garden were settled and flowering? How long before you could confidently use your mobile phone? I’m guessing that none of the answers to the above was within 734 minutes? That’s how long…


A Nice Headache To Have

February 2, 2011

As good as it is to sign a player like Fernando Torres, it’s made me question that just how is Ancelotti going to adapt his team to play with Torres, Malouda, Drogba and Anelka up front? A change back to 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield? A switch to a traditional 4-4-2? Personally I don’t think these suits Chelsea style of play, and as a team we play best in the…


Welcome To Chelsea, Fernando Torres

January 31, 2011

Chelsea have completed the signing of Fernando Torres from Liverpool for a UK record fee of £50million. Torres has reportedly signed a deal to stay at Stamford Bridge until 2016. Chelsea originally enquired about Torres in the summer, however despite the overtures from the club, the Spaniard elected to stay on Merseyside. However with their season collapsing, he submitted a transfer request in order to fulfil his quest for trophies….


Torres Rumours Gather Pace

July 6, 2010

I’m not one for idle gossip, especially in the badlands of the transfer silly season, however one story has been doing the rounds for the duration of the World Cup, and has gathered pace aplenty today. Yes, Torres to Chelsea seems to be the story on every hacks laptop right now, with rumours of Roman jetting out to the World Cup to talk personally with him, about a deal that…