Ladies – Do You Know Offside Or Not?

So it’s been confirmed that Andy Gray has been sacked, should Richard Keys be waxed to death?

We love women in football, especially cute ones in football gear, there isn’t much on this planet more pleasing on the eye.

So being topical and humorous as we can sometimes be, we’ve knocked up these new designs to poke a little fun at Sky Sports and their sexist presenters antics.

There’s a nice design that explains offside in language you women can understand, and even if you don’t know or want to know how offside works, then there’s a top that still gives you something to shout about.

To get your hands on the pair, ask your man for his card, then head on over to now!  We know how you love to shop.

We hope you like them, and before you rush off to burn your bras outside HQ, they are tongue in cheek, so please don’t take us too seriously.

If you order over £30.00 worth of tops from, enter CUPIDSHIP at the checkout for free standard delivery.

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