Sky Wrong On Terry & Modric

With the current situation engulfing NewsCorp, you’d think Murdoch’s empire would be taking a little more care in their reporting. Sadly not, it would seem.

Earlier today it was widely reported, with the source being Sky Sports, that John Terry had claimed Luka Modric has been ‘disrespectful’ towards Tottenham in trying to engineer a move to Chelsea.

These quotes quickly spread like wildfire and have been repeated ad nauseum across sites far and wide, however Sky Sports has now been forced to print a retraction, and apologise for their mistake.

The statement read; “At we have a reputation for the honesty and integrity of our reporting.” – Not sure where they dreamt this up, but they continue.

“Unfortunately we fell short of those standards with our coverage of John Terry’s interview with Sky Sports News on July 19 during which the Chelsea captain was asked to comment on Luka Modric.”

“We would like to clarify that John Terry did not refer to Luka Modric as being disrespectful to Tottenham Hotspur during the interview. “

“On realising our error we immediately removed the original article and published a corrected version which you can read by clicking here

“We would like to apologise to John Terry and Chelsea for any inconvenience caused.”

Luckily for Murdoch and Sky, it seems that these comments were taken out of context from an interview conducted by Sky Sports News in Malaysia, and not John Terry’s voicemail.

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