Sky Wrong On Terry & Modric

July 19, 2011

With the current situation engulfing NewsCorp, you’d think Murdoch’s empire would be taking a little more care in their reporting. Sadly not, it would seem. Earlier today it was widely reported, with the source being Sky Sports, that John Terry had claimed Luka Modric has been ‘disrespectful’ towards Tottenham in trying to engineer a move to Chelsea. These quotes quickly spread like wildfire and have been repeated ad nauseum across…


Football’s Shadow Line

July 8, 2011

Note: I started writing this at 1.48pm, on Thursday 7th July 2011. We interrupt our usual diet of light-hearted reminiscence and fluff for a serious consideration of an issue which, taken to its ultimate possibility, could end Premier League football as we currently know it. Firstly, use of the phrase “shadow line” is intentional. I hope that many of you enjoyed Hugo Blick’s superb psychological drama of Police corruption which…