It Wasn’t Our Turn…

…to be European Champions.

(It wasn’t even our turn to win the FA Cup.)

At last I am starting to realise that Saturday night wasn’t just a dream. It really, really happened!

And now, after the event and with a sore head easing and reality setting in, I would like to give a quick reply to those people who have been saying our name was on the cup from the start – No. No, it wasn’t!

It’s true that as is normal for teams that win trophies, we had some moments of luck along the way, but there were many, many more moments when only determination or sheer hard work or pure skill made the difference.

And if you look at all our games, those moments are there in their hundreds, moments created by the players on the pitch and backroom staff off it.

Big decisions were made. Decisions that required consideration, intelligence and the skill and the guts to follow through.

It wasn’t “our turn” to win the cup. It wasn’t Fate. It wasn’t God. It wasn’t even a case of “things evening themselves out”.

Oh no, what it was, was determination, hard work and skill, shown by Chelsea players and by the management and the owner.

Take nothing away from the club, the squad, the individuals on (and off) the pitch. It was totally, one hundred per cent their effort and skill that resulted in the glory.

Let’s take nothing away from everyone Chelsea by saying stupid things like “it was Fate” or “it was our turn”.

Credit where it’s due: it was Chelsea. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

So congratulations to everyone involved from Roman, down through the club and out to all the fans. Everyone played a part: some played a bigger part than others but everyone contributed to putting our name on the role call of football history … AFTER the event.

Well done Chelsea. Pride of London. European Champions 2012.

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