In The Eye Of The Storm

November 2, 2011

On Wednesday evening, I had a text from a Pitch Owner mate who was going to the meeting on Thursday asking what time I was planning to arrive.  I told him and he said he’d keep an eye out for me.  I replied “You’ll recognise me.  I’ll be the one asking the awkward questions”.  As things turned out, it proved to be an accurate prediction. I don’t know how others…


Victory For Say No Campaign At CPO EGM

October 28, 2011

Amidst extraordinary scenes, the Say No CPO campaign saw their will and determination to defeat the proposal put by Chelsea Football Club to CPO shareholders come to fruition. The West Lower concourse at Stamford Bridge was suitably transformed for such a dramatic occasion into The Great Hall, festooned with black drapes and with banks of comfortable seating, the latter being a consolation as the meeting stretched into a fourth hour…


Togetherness – Or The Bitter Taste of Success

October 28, 2011

So, here we are. Vote taken; situation more-or-less unchanged. Time now, perhaps, for forces on both sides to regroup and plan their next move? A fine display of solidarity coupled with getting the truth out to as many people as possible (without the aid of a corporate machine) and SayNoCPO have succeeded in safeguarding the future of the club. Or halted the clubs ambition in its tracks. Whichever way you…


Chelsea Vs CPO – Endgame

October 27, 2011

This is written on the morning of one of the most historic days in the eventful life of a great football club, and by this time tomorrow we will know whether shareholders in CPO have signed away the Chelsea FC’s birthright forever. The last three weeks have seen unprecedented sales of Pitch Owner shares.  Indeed, more shares have been shifted than in the previous seven years.  So much for Richard…


Chelsea Vs CPO – How Low Can You Go?

October 21, 2011

Since the announcement of Chelsea FC’s proposal to Chelsea Pitch Owners, the club have used every possible medium at their disposal to try and influence shareholders to vote “yes”. We have seen the club utilise current players, former players, columnist, the medium of Chelsea TV and the matchday programme. The intensity of their campaign indicates how seriously they are taking this matter. In the interests of balance, the “Say No…


Road to the Harris Suite – Latest Developments

October 18, 2011

Saturday was a key day for the Say No to CPO campaign, with volunteers taking to the streets and pubs of SW6 to hand out leaflets and discuss issues with supporters face to face. It was a hugely positive experience.  Many fans, even those in favour of the “yes” proposal, wanted to have a chat about what the campaign means and its objectives.  Many of those I spoke to had…


The Road to The Harris Suite – Action Stations!

October 13, 2011

Update 1 of The Road to the Harris Suite addressed the ethos of the “SayNoCPO” (SNCPO) campaign, issues that have arisen to date, and our strategy going forward. Whilst meetings with club officials are taking take place, and a meeting with CPO Directors is envisaged, this weekend’s home game against Everton, televised on Sky, and the only significant home game before the meeting on 27th October, provides an opportunity for…


The Road To The Harris Suite – Introduction

October 11, 2011

It’s now been eight days since Chelsea FC announced that a General Meeting of Chelsea Pitch Owners would take place on 27th October, at which their proposal to buyback the Leasehold of Stamford Bridge would be voted on. Over course of the last week, tentative discussions between individuals via the medium of social networking have combined with supporters’ groups and CPO shareholders to form an umbrella group representing the interests…


Chelsea & The CPO – Survey Results

October 9, 2011

A few days ago we ran a survey and asked as many Chelsea supporters as possible to give us their opinions on the proposed buy out of the Chelsea Pitch Owners, and also any possible stadium move. We were amazed at the response to the survey with over 1000 people filling it in, although some were only partially completed we have included those questions answered in the results, this is…


An Open Letter To Bruce Buck & Richard King

October 8, 2011

Dear Bruce and Richard, You have both made serious misjudgements on the proposal to buy back Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) shares. So serious, that I feel neither of you have any credibility left in your respective roles and I call for both of you to resign… but more about that later. Seeing as neither of you are prepared to answer emails or phone calls, I thought I’d outline my points…