Stand Up If You Hate

October 25, 2011

With the farce that was our match with QPR at the weekend behind us (barring a police investigation into an incident that neither of the parties involved has said happened) conversation in the pub has returned to rivalries. I was one of many Chelsea fans referring to Sunday’s game as “QPR’s Cup Final”, it simply means more to them than it does us, but why do these rivalries spring up?…


Travels With The Chels – Barcelona

February 22, 2011

During the Autumn of 2004, something odd happened to my legs. I developed a rash resembling pin-pricks which got bigger and redder. It was after the CL game against PSG, when I went into Soho with a group of friends and danced until we were thrown out of O’Neills at 3am, the rash turned black. So it was that I found myself admitted to hospital for some tests, the upshot…