Club Before Country, Martin

April 12, 2010

Martin O’Neill isn’t shy of a moan, we all know that. This weekend’s diatribe is aimed at everyone’s favourite man; John Terry, meaning that O’Neill is already very late to an already oversubscribed party. Yet it’s not the target of his outburst which has goaded a reaction out of me, but rather the nature of it, and the predictable reaction of the wider footballing public. Apparently, Terry should be publicly…


Does This Really Help?

February 1, 2010

As I write this piece, we are at the end of the first month of this World Cup year and the build up is slowly starting to crank up. By June, it will be at fever pitch. After all, within a month or so, we will be starting to get our free wall charts and some retro football stickers complete with a glossy brochure of the ‘players to watch’ during…