Natters With TheChels – Rick Glanvill

September 12, 2013

This week TheChels is having a natter with journalist, author, genealogist, Pitch Owners’ Director and Chelsea FC’s official historian, Rick Glanvill. TC: These days you’re probably best known as Chelsea’s club historian, but your background is journalism. How did you start your career? RG: I always wanted to be a writer and my degree is in communications but I was earning a decent living as a nightclub DJ. I had…


Ten Years of The Roman Empire

June 30, 2013

“We are delighted to agree this deal to acquire what is already one of the top clubs in Europe. We have the resources and ambition to achieve even more given the huge potential of this great club.” (Roman Abramovich, 1st July 2003) “I want to know whether this individual is a fit and proper person to be taking over a club like Chelsea. Until that question is answered, then I’m…


Won’t Somebody Think of The Kids?

March 21, 2013

The challenge of becoming a professional footballer is fraught with peril. The dream of becoming a first team player with a top-flight side is even more precarious. Every year children as young as eight join club academies and work their way up through the age levels until a decision has to be made by academy staff as to whether they will make it to the 16+ group – in other…


Defining Moments

March 6, 2013

There are some players that are synonymous with certain moments, a moment of brilliance, bravery, stupidity, madness or just something Proper Chels. These are moments are etched into the memory of every Chelsea fan and their story will be told for generations to come. Some players have acquired cult status due to their loyalty and longevity. Others have made a short yet sudden impact (and not always positive). Below are…


Football Through Formica Tinted Glasses

October 24, 2012

Mention the 1970s to those of us old to remember it (and unlike the 1960s, if you can remember it you were there), and it conjures up instant memories of space hoppers, glam rock, The Sweeney and – up until the explosion of colour which appeared to accompany the advent of punk – a palette of browns, beiges and greys. Cars were cream, brown, or occasionally rust. Flock was popular….


Acceptable In The Eighties: Part One – The Bad & The Ugly 87/88

September 22, 2011

1987 wasn’t the best of years for me; the only year I really loved with any kind of memory during the 80’s was 1984. However, for this nostalgia trip, I’m going to forsake the good and move to the bad. Don’t give up reading just yet, because it gradually gets better. I honestly wouldn’t want to depress anybody with my torturous scything events of 1987; still, what do they say,…


That Was Then But This Is Now

January 27, 2011

Twenty or so years ago a former workmate would often wind me up about Chelsea, unfortunately, for him, he supported Tottenham. The best part for me about supporting Chelsea at that time was that we had such a great record against Spurs and as we know, this lasted for a lengthy period. The tough thing about supporting Chelsea back then was that we were very inconsistent. In fact, I’d tell…


History For The Faint At Heart

December 1, 2010

Following Chelsea has never been for the squeamish or faint-hearted. I remember (dimly, I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time) Tommy Docherty leaving the club. With many talented young players appearing as if from nowhere, his team was a blend of youth and more youth (remember that) which boded well for the future. His motivational skills were stunning and those players achieved performances that belied their age…