The Road to The Harris Suite – Action Stations!

October 13, 2011

Update 1 of The Road to the Harris Suite addressed the ethos of the “SayNoCPO” (SNCPO) campaign, issues that have arisen to date, and our strategy going forward. Whilst meetings with club officials are taking take place, and a meeting with CPO Directors is envisaged, this weekend’s home game against Everton, televised on Sky, and the only significant home game before the meeting on 27th October, provides an opportunity for…


The Road To The Harris Suite – Introduction

October 11, 2011

It’s now been eight days since Chelsea FC announced that a General Meeting of Chelsea Pitch Owners would take place on 27th October, at which their proposal to buyback the Leasehold of Stamford Bridge would be voted on. Over course of the last week, tentative discussions between individuals via the medium of social networking have combined with supporters’ groups and CPO shareholders to form an umbrella group representing the interests…


The Chelsea Stadium Move

March 24, 2011

Ever since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club in June 2003, one rumour has persistently risen and fallen as regularly as the tide; that Chelsea will leave Stamford Bridge. Many reports have, over the years, linked us with a move just up the road to the Earls Court site. However a recent story in the Daily Telegraph put those rumours to rest once and for all, stating that the site owners had revealed a…


Chelsea Pitch Owners – Grounds for Concern?

December 13, 2010

The Facts: On Friday I attended the AGM of Chelsea Pitch Owners, which was held in the Vialli Suite at Stamford Bridge. Despite the company having over 14,000 shareholders, only 380 chose to return their proxy ballot papers, and only 20 shareholders attended. This inevitably meant that any dissent in the room would be overturned by the proxy vote, being in the hands of the Chair. The meeting was chaired…