Anelka On Way Home

June 22, 2010

All together now – Coming home, he’s coming home… Nic’s been chucked out of the French squad and sent home in disgrace. Pardon me if I don’t weep into my baguette. Excusez-moi if I don’t join the general hue and cry about his foul-mouthed tirade. While I am sorry for the man on a personal level that he has missed out on some World Cup appearances, this has been tempered…


Chelsea At The World Cup

June 11, 2010

Chelsea Football Club have thirteen representatives at the imminent FIFA World Cup in South Africa, this despite having another three miss the showpiece through injury and the fourth under an injury cloud. It is England, appropriately, who has the highest number of Chelsea representatives. They are Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Chelsea captain John Terry and Joe Cole, who will be released at the end of June. England is in Group…


A Question Of Blame

May 19, 2010

There are things that leave me feeling frustrated. Like a team of winners who appear not to have turned up, and who lose to a team of lesser skill and ability who put a lot more effort into the game. There are things that leave me feeling angry. Like a deliberate handball that robs a nation of a dream-fulfilling place in the World Cup. Or when the ball crosses the…