The Future Is Blue S-Z

July 28, 2010

Here we go with the final part of my alphabetical preview of the 2010-11 season. S Statistics. We broke the 100 goal mark for the first time in Premiership history. We scored 103, which averages to more than 2.7 goals a game. In fact, prior to the Wigan game we had scored 95 goals, which is precisely 2.5 goals a game. Away from home we scored close on two a…


The Future Is Blue I-R

July 27, 2010

Following part one of my alphabetical preview of the 2010-11 season, here we go with part two! I Ivanovic. He impressed me so much last season. Gets tackled: gets on with it. Gets fouled: gets on with it. Gets battered, and where most other players would have gone off he just shakes his head… and gets on with it. Ivanovic is as hard as nails and never retaliates. Awesome! Look…


The Future Is Blue A-H

July 26, 2010

So here we go with the first part of my alphabetical run down of the coming season, to explain just why the future is blue. A Arsenal. A team of nearly men from the North (no, not Liverpool, not that far north. North of Kings Cross I mean). Stands for Also-rans too, which is appropriate in both cases. Half-way through last season, they were hailed as THE team, pretty football…


Anelka On Way Home

June 22, 2010

All together now – Coming home, he’s coming home… Nic’s been chucked out of the French squad and sent home in disgrace. Pardon me if I don’t weep into my baguette. Excusez-moi if I don’t join the general hue and cry about his foul-mouthed tirade. While I am sorry for the man on a personal level that he has missed out on some World Cup appearances, this has been tempered…


Smoke And Mirrors

June 5, 2010

Football’s magic isn’t it? Yes, even during the close season. Is it called the close season because everyone keeps their cards ‘close’ to their chest I wonder? Story after story, rumour after rumour. Very few pieces of hard fact. And the scope for Fleet Street’s finest – oh sorry, you can’t call them that anymore can you? That would imply reporters’ gathering real news, informative journalism at its best; opinion…


A Question Of Blame

May 19, 2010

There are things that leave me feeling frustrated. Like a team of winners who appear not to have turned up, and who lose to a team of lesser skill and ability who put a lot more effort into the game. There are things that leave me feeling angry. Like a deliberate handball that robs a nation of a dream-fulfilling place in the World Cup. Or when the ball crosses the…


No Doubt

May 14, 2010

So the weekend began, a Friday night full of excitement and anticipation. I looked at the Chelsea team to face Wigan and I smiled. The little gremlin Doubt sat in the corner, tiny and huddled. It was a shame I did not notice the evil glint in his eye or I would have done something about it then. Something like watching a few vids of our triumphs on But…