Mike Bassett Chelsea Manager

March 31, 2011

For those who have seen the film featuring Ricky Tomlinson as Mike Bassett the England manager, you will remember a quote from the film during a press conference, he states; “This country will be playing Four Four F***ing Two” and leaves. This got me thinking; should Carlo raise an eyebrow at this quote and get his thinking cap on and the clogs inside turning at a pace? Does he stick…


The Chelsea Stadium Move

March 24, 2011

Ever since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club in June 2003, one rumour has persistently risen and fallen as regularly as the tide; that Chelsea will leave Stamford Bridge. Many reports have, over the years, linked us with a move just up the road to the Earls Court site. However a recent story in the Daily Telegraph put those rumours to rest once and for all, stating that the site owners had revealed a…


The Harding Perspective: Manchester City

March 18, 2011

Sunday’s outing against Manchester City will prove pivotal in the fate of both sides come the end of the season. For City it is a chance to place some distance between them and the chasing pack; for Chelsea, a win puts them above City with a game in hand to play. While every game from now until the end of the season is labelled a must-win, a draw may not…


We Are All Thinking It

March 6, 2011

It’s unspoken but it’s there, isn’t it? We are all thinking it, aren’t we? Come on, admit it. The win against the red half of Manchester, the stuttering return to team form, the increasing impact of Frank Lampard, the revelation that is David Luiz… Yuri back, Yossi getting closer. I could go on but I won’t… It all starts to point to one thing doesn’t it? But wait a minute….


The Harding Perspective: Manchester United

February 28, 2011

This game, without question, is pivotal for both sides. For United it gives them a chance to hammer home their title credentials; for Chelsea it is a chance to not only creep back into the top four but signal their intent for the remainder of an underwhelming season. With Chelsea’s switch to a flat 442 last week, Ferguson will have a few more questions to answer before he sets his…


Transition NOT Revolution

February 24, 2011

I was getting ready to go to work the other morning and got fed up with Mrs Frank Lampard’s face on DayBreak, so I had a flick around the channels. Now whenever I see Premiership Years on Sky Sports I always get nostalgic and giddy so I have to put it on. This was a particularly good one – the 2004/2005 season. José’s first season in charge and the title…


A Look At Where We Are

February 17, 2011

After the first two months of the Primer League, Chelsea were sat at the top looking down on everyone. Most pundits, journalists and even Premier League managers correctly claimed Chelsea were the team to beat. However, this has all changed and now most fans accept retention of the title is out of the question, and now we are chasing the leading pack to even qualify for the Champions League. How…


A Week Is A Long Time In Football

January 27, 2011

What a difference a week makes in the world of football. Our captain, legend, leader now thinks we can win the title again – I was merry after our win on Monday but didn’t go that far, JT – Man Utd showed what would have been described ‘The Spirit of Istanbul’ had it happened 30 miles down the M62, and next year’s FIFA branded computer game will need a new…


Fed Up With The Midweek Away Games?

January 19, 2011

I am a Season Ticket holder in the MHU and also an away season ticket holder. Having taken early retirement, this matter is less of a problem for me than others in terms of time and other commitments, but I feel strongly that it needs to be addressed. This note attempts to build on a passionate piece @daspecial_1 (Sam) wrote on ‘Vital Chelsea’ after hearing the Blackpool game was today…


We All Follow The Chelsea, Or Not….

January 18, 2011

We will follow the The Chels(ea) Over Land and Sea … and Leicester… and Fulham… and Blackpool… and Copenhagen…or maybe not. Financially, this is not a good week to be a Chelsea fan. Hot on the heels of a demand of money with menaces yesterday to stand in a cow shed in Fulham came the news that the much anticipated away game at Blackpool had been switched to a Monday…