Now You’re Gonna Believe Us

October 28, 2010

We’ve been a bit quiet this week here at TheChels, behind the scenes though we’ve been slaving away in order to upgrade and improve our offering to you. We’ve been running for ten or so months now, and we’re all very happy with what we’ve achieved so far, however not ones to rest on our laurels we think we’ve made things a that little bit better. First up is…


The Future Is Blue S-Z

July 28, 2010

Here we go with the final part of my alphabetical preview of the 2010-11 season. S Statistics. We broke the 100 goal mark for the first time in Premiership history. We scored 103, which averages to more than 2.7 goals a game. In fact, prior to the Wigan game we had scored 95 goals, which is precisely 2.5 goals a game. Away from home we scored close on two a…


The Future Is Blue I-R

July 27, 2010

Following part one of my alphabetical preview of the 2010-11 season, here we go with part two! I Ivanovic. He impressed me so much last season. Gets tackled: gets on with it. Gets fouled: gets on with it. Gets battered, and where most other players would have gone off he just shakes his head… and gets on with it. Ivanovic is as hard as nails and never retaliates. Awesome! Look…


The Future Is Blue A-H

July 26, 2010

So here we go with the first part of my alphabetical run down of the coming season, to explain just why the future is blue. A Arsenal. A team of nearly men from the North (no, not Liverpool, not that far north. North of Kings Cross I mean). Stands for Also-rans too, which is appropriate in both cases. Half-way through last season, they were hailed as THE team, pretty football…


TheChels Meets The Chelsea Glamour Girl

February 22, 2010

If you’ve not seen the WAG parody doing the rounds, head on over to and check out the Glamour Girl video. Since we first ran it on Friday it’s had literally thousands of views, fast becoming one of the sites most popular videos. We managed to grab a space in Chenille’s extremely tight schedule to pose a few questions to her, and find out more about the Chelsea ‘Glamour…


Another Year, Another Chelsea Site

January 2, 2010

So, if you’re reading this you’re probably a Chelsea fan. Chances are, like many of us, you scour the internet for scraps and news about the football club you love to follow. We know you do, we do it too, but there’s a problem with so many Chelsea sites these days that, borne out of frustration, led a few Chelsea supporters who’ve been heavily involved in the running of Chelsea…

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January 1, 2010

So here WE are! The last but most certainly not least of the initial triumvirate of TheChels sites, designed to provide you with whatever Chelsea FC fix it is you are seeking. You may have noticed we’re a bit of a wordy bunch over here at the, that’s simply because it’s what we do. Here we hope to provide you with match reports and previews that aren’t boring and…

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December 5, 2009

Well here it is, the very first real post on our shiny new website.  We deleted all the test ones, if anyone had seen them we’d have been visited by the men in coats and carted off to the loony bin. However, we’re now on our way and those of you who are with us at this stage will probably know about our video site over at, and also…